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best survival canned food

In the midst of growing concern regarding food production and supply it is only smart for anyone to be proactive; ensuring there is an adequate supply of this essential human need. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) came out some days back to warn about the looming food crisis, commenting on the impact of COVID-19 on the global food supply chain.

We’re at War! It is no longer news that the world is currently experiencing biological warfare with regards to Covid-19. In any war situation; the first “weapon” so to speak that one must be armed with is a “Survival Guide”. For instance, The Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide comprehensively explains how to stay afloat in the midst of the food crisis and other related issues.

The human body is designed to have a frequent intake of food for the following reasons: Supply of energy for strength; to produce body chemicals needed for tissue and other body repairs, and to offer the body the necessary nutrients for growth. When you think about the role that food plays in human life; the first thing that would come to your mind –obviously –is to keep us alive. We need nutrients and calories from food for growth, repairs and ensure the proper functioning of the body’s metabolic processes.

How Nutritious Are Canned Food?

Canned foods can play a vital role in the overall nutrient supply and healthy diet. Individuals who eat more canned foods open themselves up for higher intake of vegetables and fruits for instance and higher intake of nutrients than those who eat fewer canned vegetables and fruits.

Canned foods can be just as nutritious as foods made fresh or frozen food. The reason this is so is that canning ensures preservations of many nutrients. The amount and quality of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals as well as other food nutrients –relatively–stay the same and unchanged as a result of the canning process.

You should also know that canned foods are a convenient way to have more of your otherwise ‘fresh dishes’ as they are mostly affordable. The ultimate advantage of canned foods remains its longevity; the ability to remain healthy and edible for a long time. An average canned food has a shelf life of at least twelve to sixty months. This and much more important information is available on The Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide.

Go For the Best Survival Canned Food

It is amazing what you will discover from this book regarding survival information on food and other necessities.

How to provide for oneself and family –during events that call for people’s proactivity; such as making provision for food –is a question that lurks on the human mind in the advent of major or minor food crises.

Survivalists know that in the days of uncertainties, panics, and crisis; ensuring adequate preparation involves stocking the house with foods and other necessities that can stand the test of time.

People who consume less canned foods steer away because of the notion that they are not up to par in terms of their nutritional value and content. Nonetheless, canned food can contribute to the overall balance diet and healthy dish especially when you need to stock food that’d keep you healthy whilst battling with food crises and shortages.

As you stock your home; below are canned foods to include in your groceries for the quest for survival:

Bega Cheese in a Can

This one Can 200g processed cheese has a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Imported fresh from Australia, it’s one of the best cheese around that you can grate and slice to make dinner.

Canned Bread

Yes, I am referring to bread that comes in a can. B & M brown bread is an option to consider due to its ability to remain edible for several years. It is a classic New England taste and termed as New England favorite!

Canned Bacon

Canned bacon is touted as the favorite of the meat options, which includes canned ham and canned hamburger. It’s a miracle that bacon comes in a can; makes it easy for a survival plan. Yoder’s bacon in a can, for instance, has a shelf life of about 10 years.

There are quite a number of canned foods you can grab and stockpile in the face of food shortages; others include Hamburger meat preserved in a can, ready-to-eat Beef stew in a can, etc.

Canned tomato without salt

Most of the sauces and stews that you cook require a tomato base.

The natural tomato without canning salt is perfect to accompany any dish that requires sauce, crushed, or natural. In addition, it is very cheap and we find it even out of season.


The sardines canned in oil are perfect for a quick dinner snack. They are great too because they contain omega 3. In addition, if you buy them in olive oil, you will have a product of equal or better quality than the fresh one.

Canned tuna

Canned sardines are not the only fish products to consume in canned containers. Other fish like tuna are also very positive. In addition, with them, we can make many quick and healthy dishes.

Low sodium green beans

The green beans could also retain all its properties. However, we must be careful to choose cans that are low in salt or low in sodium and refer to it on the label.

Coconut milk

The coconut milk canned is highly recommended because we can use it all year long and is easy to get anywhere. In addition, with it, we can prepare delicious sweets and desserts.


Although you can buy fresh or frozen vegetables, its canned version is not a bad option. According to specialists, vegetables are canned at their maximum maturity, so they remain a nutritious option. Plus, they’re easy to store and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling in your fridge. I always chose the option with the least amount of sodium.

Bottom line

Getting canned foods is one thing; what happens when events escalated or become tense and other things needed for food preparation are cut off or undersupply? For instance; supply of electricity or gas.

Ultimately you need a guide that’d get you equipped and prepared for the apocalypses [the eventualities]. When things go haywire how do you keep yourself and your loved ones alive? This book is the ultimate survival guide. Remember when things get rough only the tough keeps going.

How to Learn Martial Arts at Home? Combat Fighters

How to learn martial arts at home

Martial arts, as the term is defined, refer to all of the systems of training for combat that have been structured and arranged in a systemic pattern. All in all, these combating styles and systems are designed to serve one purpose: to allow martial artists to gain upper hand against physical threats from opponents. It may interest you to learn that the word “Martial” emanates from the name “Mars” who was identified as the Roman god of war.

In a simplified sentence, Martial art is a system that contains styles, techniques and patterns. It is a codified system for combat and physical advantage against attackers.

You need to learn Martial Arts. Here is why.

You’ve probably heard that learning martial arts help in strengthening the body, soul, and spirit. This is a true reason being that the process for learning martial arts requires some physical and mental activities; that combine flexibility, mobility, and physical strength.

More importantly; be reminded that being able to protect oneself physically against any form of threats leading to harm or danger is a basic human right that should be annexed by everyone including your wards.

Who needs to learn Martial Arts?

Everyone can learn martial arts, including children. It would seem that teaching children self-defense has often being overlooked in our world today. And this needs to be reversed considering the rise in cases of bullying in schools and neighborhoods. Beyond self-defense and physical preparedness and activeness: Martial arts have been known to input certain principles and core values in learners such as perseverance, hard work, and dedication.

There are so many things that can be inculcated from learning Martial Arts which is a more reason why you need to embrace this codified system of training for physical preparedness and combat-readiness.

The popularity of Martial Arts

The increasing popularity of Martial Arts in today’s society can be said to stem from the fact that this combat system is –in reality –more than just kicking someone down or used as a form of defense. However, the many physical, psychological, and spiritual advantages martial arts offer learners have made it to be eye-openers for many people who are now picking interest in this codified system for combat-readiness.

It has become an essential part of many people’s lives both adults and children. The reasons for this, however, are obvious and cannot be farfetched; martial arts offer numerous benefits for those who engage in the said combat systems

Benefits of learning Martial Arts

You should know by now that martial arts empower and equip learners with the knowledge of self-defense; this cannot be overstated. And it doesn’t stop at the level of knowledge alone; it of course awakes learners to the responsibility that comes with it i.e. knowing when and where to apply the skills and knowledge acquired. The idea really is not to harm others it is to prevent oneself and love-ones from being hurt.

Martial arts help to build confidence and develop self-discipline. These self-defense training naturally leave martial artists in a whole new world of self-confidence and drive to stand up for one’s self during undue opposition attacks and violence. This experience, ultimately, mold learners into becoming self-assured and better persons.

It helps to develop warrior [conqueror] spirit, as well as fighters’ reflex. A fighter maneuvers better than normal individual and this gives an average fighter an advantage in combat situations. Fighter’s reflex helps you to react, respond; move quickly and smartly in situation

All in all, based on the above and more; martial arts –undoubtedly –would have a positive influence on your life.

How You Can Learn Martial Arts At Home?

If you’ve ever wondered whether it could be possible to learn Martial Arts within the fall walls of your home; the good news is yes you can.

There are combat systems such as one offered by John Black; designed, developed, and packaged for you to become a fully effective fighter in a real-life violent encounter in a matter of days.

The combat fighter system, for instance, is able to get you to develop combat techniques in a way that learners would feel they are downloading them directly into their nerves and muscles in an amazingly short time!

A complete system concentrates on an aspect and makes you a master in a short time. However, it does not overlook other areas or snob the teaching of other things. But ultimately, it uses every other thing to perfect the main focus.


Learning Martial arts at home is possible; in fact, you can learn all techniques gradually in a step by step approach from your home when you order a complete system. It should be noted that some of these codified systems such as Combat Fighter took years to be perfected, however with Will and determination you could become a master in no time.

How to recondition a car battery? Ez Battery Reconditioning

Battery Reconditioning

Hold on a second, do you mean to tell me that I can revive a dead battery? Yes, please. Now let me take you through a journey of how to get this done. But first, you may want to ask…

What is Battery Reconditioning?

Battery reconditioning simply means getting a battery that hitherto appears to be nonfunctional or drained back to life. Basically the term ‘battery reconditioning’ is the act of recalling the healthy life of a battery bringing it to standard electrolyte level and full charging capacity. Apparently, most car owners have had to –at one point or the other –deal with the issue of acid stratification in their car batteries as well as low charge problem. This is a typical issue among car owners.

How Do Car Batteries Work?

A car battery is designed to recharge when putting it to use. They are essentially rechargeable products. A car battery works by releasing power into the car engine… Some amount of energy is drained from a car battery every time you push the start button or run your keys; however, the alternator in the engine is for the purpose of having your battery recharged whilst the engine is running. This enables it to restore power to the battery and get it optimally ready to kick-start your car next time.

Battery reconditioning works just fine on both the ‘sealed cell’ type of the lead-acid battery and the flooded cell. Needless to say that the flooded cell batteries usually come with removable caps that allow the owner to check for the water level of the battery. Other batteries that can be reconditioned are NiCad Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries, NiMH Rechargeable Batteries AGM, and Gel Type Batteries.

What Does It Means to Say a Car Battery Is Dead?

The word ‘dead’ is used for a car battery when it is no longer able to hold a charge. This situation is usually caused by sulfating. There are a number of things that could reduce the life of a car battery, even though it should be noted that most of the things that shorten battery’s lifespan are preventable.

Not being able to hold a charge is quite different from when a battery is left unused for a long time and requires a short boost to get the chemicals within the battery cells active and functional again. It should be said that events like this [leaving a car battery unused and uncharged] could only have caused minimal damage that may not be threatening at the time, but it is the accumulation of these things that eventually bring about the untimely death of the battery.

You should also note that every time a car battery discharges or drains; crystal-like lead sulfate saturates the battery’s plate. And continuous buildups of these crystals affect –gradually –the charging and discharging abilities of the car battery and ultimately add up the damages that eventually bring your car battery on its knees J

How Do You Benefit From Reconditioning Your Batteries?

Without mincing words, there is no argument to the fact that learning how to recondition a car battery would save you some money. And everyone could use those extra bucks. More importantly, it is when you find yourself in an unexpected situation where you have to deal with a battery that is not firing and you have a meeting to attend moments later. Having the knowledge and skill to revive a dead battery would undoubtedly save you from unnecessary hassle and pain in the butt.

Additionally, learning how to recondition a car battery opens you up to another world of business opportunity where you are able to earn extra income from billing people who want you to bring back the healthy life of their car batteries. You can also get your hands on some dead batteries for next-to-nothing prices from those who no longer need them; then proceeds to resuscitate the batteries and have them up for grabs at amazing prices.

How to Recondition a Car Battery

Having a practical and usable knowledge on how to recondition car batteries is great. It helps you to be better positioned for the upkeep of your car battery as you ensure it continues to perform at optimal capacity.

The steps are not difficult and the tools are not hard to acquire. Also, it requires only a little time to learn before you start getting the job done.

The processes that are involved in reconditioning a car battery are; preparation i.e. preparing the battery, running checks on battery voltage, emptying the battery, cleaning out the cells, reconditioning the battery, then charge and test.

Battery reconditioning guides such as EZ Battery Reconditioning has been proven to successfully deliver practical knowledge and skills to people with the desire to learn the processes and all they need to know about reconditioning a car battery.

Bottom line

Learning how to recondition car battery is achievable within the four walls of your home; you only need to have the right guide and with platforms such as the one HERE, offering easy-to-do, step-by-step approach; you can trust to be on your way to learning the ropes as you start getting value from your batteries by prolonging their lifespans.

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying? No More Cat Spraying

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

Having a pet in your home is cool but when it comes to keeping the home tidy it becomes a big challenge, especially when the pet is a cat. Imagine coming home after a tiring day and discover your home smells of cat urine, it has to be the most annoying feeling. The first thing that comes to your mind is to punish your cat, but stop for a minute and ask yourself if punishing that cat will stop it from spraying urine all over your home. If you decide to discipline your cat, it won’t stop it from spraying, it will rather instill fear in it and make the cat spray more. Note that it is natural for cats to spray but this is mostly done outside, hence, if your cat brings it indoor you should know something is wrong.

What is cat spraying?

Cat spraying is more like your cat is marking its territory using its urine. Normally a cat is supposed to squat and urinate but when it begins to stand with one leg up then it has started spraying and this is mostly done on vertical surfaces and it has a very strong disgusting smell. However, if you have noticed this behavior in your cat, then it is time to launch a “cat spraying no more” attack using the simple steps mentioned below;

Don’t discipline your cat

As humans, when your cat misbehaves the first thing that comes to your mind is to punish it. Most especially when you are still trying to deal with it scratching every surface and shedding its hair, adding spraying to it is a big challenge. But discipline doesn’t stop your cat from spraying, it only aggravates what caused it from spraying at first and make it spray more often. Anxiety, stress, or if your cat feels threatened can make it start spraying in the house, hence, it is your duty to find out what the problem is and deal with it appropriately.

Identify the cat’s reason for spraying

Before your cat starts spraying, something must have triggered it, so it is essential to find out the reason for spraying. There are so many things that make your cat feel threatened and begin to spray indoor. It could be your cat is feeling intimidated by other pets that wander into your garden, or you probably made changes to your environment, and knowing how sensitive cats are, they will feel scared, withdraw and start spraying as a way of marking their territory. If you brought in a new pet, try to introduce your cat to it so your cat doesn’t feel insecure and begin to spray, and lastly, it might be a medical condition. So if you’ve tried other reasons and it’s not working, take your cat to a vegetarian because infection or illness also causes your cat to spray indiscriminately.

Clean the affected areas

Once your cat has started spraying, it will always go back to that spot to spray its urine. For you to achieve your “cat spraying no more” challenge, then you need to clean and remove every scent of it’s urine from your home. Once you’ve dealt with the cause of it’s spraying, getting rid of the scent should be your next action. This might be a bigger challenge because cats are very sensitive and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the smell, your cat might still perceive it and find it’s way back. Therefore, you should try using a neutralizer when cleaning so it neutralizes the smell and prevents your cat from locating the spraying spot. You can as well play with your cat more often on that spot and make them comfortable this way, their spraying habit will be curtailed and stopped eventually.

Cat training programs

Ever been in a situation whereby you get so confused about what’s bothering your cat and why it is acting up? You are not in this alone, when your cat starts spraying urine and you have tried to find out why it is spraying, without getting anywhere, a training program is sure to help you. Join a cat training program and get enlightened on ways to deal with your cat’s spraying habit and put an end to it. Cat training programs such as Cat Spraying No More are very effective and it helps you find solutions to so many awkward behaviors your cat might put up that leave you confused, and the spraying habit isn’t left out.

Finding out why your cat has cultivated the habit of spraying in your home can be quite a challenge, but as soon as you are able to figure it out, then you are one step closer to stopping your cat from spraying. You don’t need to be resentful although the bad odor can be frustrating, it is only for a while. Pay more attention to your cat and use the above steps to find out why your cat is spraying and put an end to it. Cats are loveable creatures and if they exhibit any negative character, it must have been triggered by something. Find out what triggered the spraying of urine by your cat, find a solution to it, and put an end to it permanently.

How To Teach A Child to Read? Reading Head Start

As parents, it is only normal to celebrate landmarks for your child; their first word, their first steps, the first time they call your name and everything first. One landmark, however, that is not as celebrated, is reading. This is because of how long the process takes and by the time the child can read a book almost fluently,

the excitement may have waned. Nonetheless, being able to read is a skill that should be learned and celebrated.

Although the road to achieving this skill may be hard and confusing, there are practical steps that any parent could take to shorten the process or at least, ease the stress.

  1. Reading Head Start: When Sarah developed this program, there were no reading schemes at the time to help parents with their kids. After several frustrating attempts to get her kids to start reading, Sarah figured out a technique that saved her time and energy.

The Reading Head Start program is designed to help parents teach their kids how to read just by dedicating 15 minutes, three times a week. The program has been endorsed by parents and teachers across the globe because it indeed, gives children from the ages of 9 months to 9 years, a boost in the learning process.

  1. Begin with familiar words: For a child who barely knows how to make a coherent sentence, you shouldn’t be telling them how to spell “sarcasm”. Begin with words they already use in their everyday vocabulary; words like “mum”, “dad”, “ant”, “eat”, “to” and the alphabets are some examples of what you should begin your lessons with.
  2. Give them what they admire: No, we don’t mean sweets and candy or any other form of incentive. Every child is drawn to something from a young age: cars, blocks, dolls, or even culinary activities. Incorporating these pieces into the learning process would no doubt, spark a desire for reading. They can be a part of the books they read or the teaching aids you use.
  3. Create a routine: You have to understand that getting a child to do something as attention-consuming as reading, there has to be a consistent pattern. Now, do not mistake consistency for rigidity. If you have to force your child to learn using some boring methods, you would be discouraging the child. The goal is to get the kid to see reading as an activity that they love or at least, don’t despise. Creating a timetable for reading would work better than just doing it when you feel like because the feeling may not come for a whole week.
  4. Keep it short: Children have a relatively low attention span (studies say the attention span of a child is two to five minutes multiplied by the child’s age) and keeping them on one activity for an hour would defeat the purpose of the lesson. Each lesson should be anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes maximum depending on the age of the child. You could add a couple more minutes as you progress but whatever level you are on, try to keep your lessons within a reasonable time frame.
  5. Repeat. Repeat: Going over one thing multiple times may begin to bore you but if you abide by step 4, you won’t be bored for too long. Children (and humans in general) learn faster with repetition. You probably didn’t learn the complete lyrics of your favorite song by just listening to it once. Don’t be in a hurry to move from one set of words to another. Go over the words multiple times and watch your kid spell them back to you a couple of weeks later.
  6. Use visual aids: Saying one thing over and again to your kid is a good way to help them remember but there is a better way. Visual aids create pictures in the child’s mind and pictures are not easily forgotten. Stock up on graphic cards, hardcover books, bold sticky letters, and toys that could improve their vocabulary. Be careful not to choke the child’s routine with these aids otherwise, the child may lose interest in them and move on to something else quickly. You could keep these materials in open spaces where the kid could get their hands on at any time.
  7. Show and tell: Talking about the importance of reading is not enough so if after one year of training your kid still doesn’t give a hoot about books, you may need to re-strategize. Try to take a few minutes every day to read a book yourself or maybe even read to the child. Children learn faster from what they see so setting up a good example for them would be crucial to how soon your child picks up the reading skill.

Take note of your child’s phonetics, attention span, and learning speed as you teach. Some kids begin to show signs of ADHD and dyslexia from a very young age so it is necessary to observe as you teach. Include a variety of teaching methods and watch how your child responds.

Do not be hard on yourself or your child if the process seems slower than normal. Every child has a different learning capacity so don’t use any statistic as a yardstick for your kid.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

If there’s one thing everyone in the world wished for, it would be the secret to getting taller. This isn’t surprising as “height”, however ordinary, has been a characteristic that’s been linked to some of the most successful people globally. Examples are; legendary Michael Jordan, Chris Hemsworth, and even Hulk Hogan. Grow Taller 4 Idiots is set to break this barrier and help you get that height you’ve always wanted.

What is Grow Taller 4 Idiots?

grow taller 4 idiots reviewGrow Taller 4 Idiots is a power-pack of books and instructional videos on techniques to increase your height. If we wanted to be a bit dramatic, we would say it’s the hidden magic potion to growing taller. It was developed by a Vietnamese, Darwin, whose life changed after an encounter with an old man.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots is completely reliable unlike other products promising fake solutions to height. This is evident through the years of experience of its creator, Darwin, and high-quality make-up. The products’ reliability is also proven through a large network of satisfied customers all over the world. We mean, 194,000 satisfied global customers aren’t something that can be faked.

However, Darwin isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. He has a gift that can change people’s lives over the world, and he’s willing to share more and more. Of course, that is Grow Taller 4 Idiots.

Who is Darwin?

To understand how special and effective this program is, you need to know the product’s history. As said before, it all started with Darwin. Like most people with poor height, Darwin was 5’3 despite being a full adult from Vietnam. This feature came off as more frustrating when he moved to America. There, he was far below the average height.

Of course, Darwin sought a solution to his height and that marked the start of his journey. However, nothing worked as he tried pills, supplements and different forms of height boosters. In fact, he had almost given up until a fateful night when he decided to visit a gym near his apartment.

While at the gym, he got to meet an old man who instantly sensed that he had a problem. That problem was his height. The encounter led to the old man giving Darwin his greatest gift which was the secret to further his height growth. In less than a month, Darwin grew by as much as 3 inches and his life has never remained the same.

Now he’s seeking to share that gift with others. Only that it’s better!

How Does Grow Taller 4 Idiots Work?

Grow Taller 4 Idiots offers a range of features that give techniques on way you can increase your height. It has a high-value framework that helps buyers uncover things about themselves that make them shorter. While at the same time, provide ways by which a person’s height can be rapidly developed.

According to Darwin, Grow Taller 4 Idiots program targets the most important‘growth factors to offer buyers increased height. It doesn’t matter if the individual is beyond puberty stage or not, expected results are guaranteed.

Some features of Grow Taller 4 Idiots are:

  • Height gain with sleeping postures:

Grow Taller 4 Idiots has a superb package that teaches buyers the best sleep positions to rapidly increase their height.

  • The truth about how you sit:

Here, the mystery of the connection between height gain and sitting posture is unraveled. Grow Taller 4 Idiots exposes sitting techniques that’ll help strengthen your spine for quick growth.

  • Height boosting cocktails:

One of the secret ingredients given to Darwin by the old man is the “height boosting” cocktail. Luckily for buyers, This program contains this miracle supplement.

  • The truth behind weight training.

Does weight training actually work? : Can it assist a person in rapidly building his or her height?. Well, Grow Taller 4 Idiots answers these questions and how to go about weight gain.

  • The Calorie Consumption Secret

Grow Taller 4 Idiots offers buyers a guide on how to make the best out of the food they eat. With the package, you can easily forget about wasteful eating. Only essentials that guarantee rapid height growth will be focused on.


  • High affordability
  • 100% safe for use
  • The package has an easy-to-use design
  • This program’ techniques are proven to be effective using science
  • There’s no need for equipment, techniques can be learned and practiced at home.
  • Grow Taller 4 Idiots’ techniques also help strengthen user health
  • Money-back guarantee (8 weeks)
  • Package delivery is made immediately after order


  • There’s no membership forum
  • There’s no live customer service support

Why You Should Buy Grow Taller For Idiots?

grow taller 4 idiots customersAdmittedly, Grow Taller 4 Idiots may seem too good to be true. However, the lovely part about this program is that it is 100% reliable and effective. This is proven by its earlier mentioned network of 194, 000 customers worldwide. It is also important to point out that those 194,000 customers are from 174 different countries. Of course, that’s something that should interest you.

Also, Grow Taller 4 Idiots follows a simple to use an approach that takes away all the complications from its buyers. A big kudos to Darwin for this. Now, it is understandable that many people often have issues using programs like Grow Taller 4 Idiots. Heck, it may even seem tougher than calculus. However, that isn’t the case here. Grow Taller 4 Idiots has a step-by-step workout framework using books and video instructions. We’re certain you won’t miss a single step.

Lastly, Grow Taller 4 Idiots is highly affordable for the benefits it offers if you ask us. Some people pay 1000s of dollars to have their height boosted. However, the program provides its solution at a price of just $47. Interestingly, that’s offering one of the world’s most wanted gifts for a price less than the cost of Nike sneakers. Well, we would say Darwin is one of the most benevolent people in the world and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.


Grow Taller 4 Idiots has shown over and over that it is more than a good deal for all buyers who decide to take a chance on it. The reasons for this are its scientifically backed techniques, easy-to-use program, and high affordability. Not to forget that the program has a 96.2% satisfaction rate from customers.

So, if there is such a thing as “divine blessings”, Grow Taller 4 Idiots would definitely be it. Also, the program comes with an 8-week money-back guarantee that offers purchasers a full refund. If for any reason you do not appreciate Grow Taller 4 Idiots, you can immediately request your money back. What’s better? You get to keep the program as a “thank you” gesture from Darwin. Trust us, it doesn’t get better than this.

In conclusion, Grow Taller 4 Idiots is all that it promises and so much more. It’s the kind of deal you would wish to get on every single thing you purchased in your lifetime. And that is why it is an excellent choice for anyone hoping to gain height rapidly. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly get to buying and join the list of 194,000 happy customers all over the world.

Reading Head Start Review – $1 Trial | Free 6 Bonuses

For most parents, reading and articulation are the two most difficult parts of being a parent. From the moment a child is born, and they start to recognize their immediate surroundings, we want them to start reading. Well, now you can achieve that in a matter of minutes (maybe more). However, this article is to tell you there is a proven method that could have your child reading regardless of their age. You don’t believe it, try Reading Head Start today.

What Is The Reading Head Start?

reading head start reviewWell, as the name suggests, it is a program, a reading program, which gives your child a head start in reading before they start school. Is that not wonderful? Now instead of worrying about how your child will cope in class, apply for the program, and start reading. Reading Head Start is the best reading tool in the education system, it is certified, tried, and test, parents, and teachers approved. It is so good that it can trigger a reading habit in children that cannot even say a word of the alphabet. Reading Head Start is so effective that it can prevent and reverse dyslexia in children completely. Wow, that is nice. So, if you thought for a second that your child could not read, try Reading Head Start, and prove the critics wrong.

As one of the most proven reading method out in the market,

What makes Reading Head Start so different?

Reading Head Start programDo you know that how successful your child becomes academically and in life depends on the first few years of their growing up? This simple but shoved aside method is 100 percent effective even though most teachers and parents knew about it. The Reading Head Start makes use of simple teaching techniques to get your child interested in learning how to read.

  • Captivate your child’s fun and exciting side using colors, fonts, and relatable images
  • Improves your child’s social interaction skills with their books and other kids
  • Improves their understanding of the words and how it is pronounced
  • Increases their self-confidence and self-esteem in their ability
  • Develops their psychological and neurological capacity enabling them to read better and efficiently in just a short period with Reading Head Start

If you are still in doubt, you can ask the millions of parents and teachers who have successfully improved the reading skills of their kids. Don’t just take our word for it, Try it today.

Who is Sarah Shepard?

Sarah is like you and me, a married mum with three kids and a dog like most American families. The only difference is she is a teacher for almost 15 years and the creator of Reading Head Start. A scientifically proven method that shows kids of any age can read with a little guidance and push in the right direction.

If you are wondering how the program began, like most parents, Sarah struggled to get her kids reading too. There wasn’t a reading program on the market that took into consideration the lapses that kids and parents went through. With the Reading Head Start, parents have a manual that enables them to take just 15 minutes, three times a week to teach their kids how to read.

Being a mom of three active kids herself, this is the ultimate balancing guide for parents and kids with incredible results.

Who needs Reading Head Start?

It is for kids of all ages, starting from 9 months to 9 years. You can get a copy here to start the program.

How Does The Reading Head Start Work?

Unlike the standard classroom teaching method, Reading Head Start employs technology to create what every child will like. The program simplifies the learning process by breaking it down into four fun bits and pieces that kids can easily understand. For parents, all you need is 15 minutes of your time to help your child through each reading phase.

Reading Head Start also uses colors and bold fonts to support understanding and issues a reward at the end of each phase. It boosts the child’s confidence, encourages them to want to learn more, and look forward to the next class. So if you are a parent, you should know that rewards trigger motivation, but that is not why this program works.

Why it works so well?

The designer of the program understands children hence developed tactics that trigger your child’s brain and emotions to wanting to learn how to read. With this program, your kid will learn to pronounce better, associate the right sounds with the alphabets and words. It is also designed to be fun, exciting to make your child want to talk and interact more.

Overall, Reading Head Start will prevent your child from passing through the troubles of been teased in school because he/she cannot read well.

What is in the Reading Head Start and are there any Bonus 

reading head start contentThe Reading Head Start is a digital book that you get in your email after payment. It is compatible with most digital display devices, including computers, tablets, and phones, ready to improve your child’s reading abilities.

Downloading the E-book gives you access to the contents, strategies, and easy to follow steps to start your journey. As mentioned, it contains four sections that only take 15 minutes of your time. Besides the easy guidelines and rewards for your kids, Reading Head Start comes with the following bonuses that are free of charge.

  • The fun with words book series – a group of books designed to excite the reading ability in your child
  • Plenty of interactive reading games that enable them to create new words and learn how to pronounce it
  • Reading tips, tricks, and shortcuts – these are extra ways parents can employ to helps improve the reading ability in their kids


  • You get a 100 percent money-back guarantee on the program. The Reading Head Start is proven to work. If for any reason you feel it is not right for your kids, you will get your money back.
  • This program is available in three packages with mouth-watering discounts and a trial session for $1. This gives you access to all the strategies and guidelines for reading successfully.
  • It is privacy protected and the easies reading program with amazing results on the internet.
  • Compatible with all display devices and safe for kids
  • A good learning experience for both parents and their children
  • Step by step guidelines and methods that every parent can follow without stress
  • It does not require any special supplement or additional program to help your child read
  • Proven to improve children mental skill by 90 percent
  • It is an all-inclusive reading program that teaches you, child, how to read, pronounce, and join words together
  • An affordable program with one year guide for your child


  • Needs high-grade connectivity hence impossible for people without internet
  • Require dedication and determination on the parts of parents and the kids

Why should you Purchase Reading Head Start?

As parents, anything that will hinder the academic or personal success of your child is a no-no. Reading is the most challenging part of bringing up a child; we all want them to fit into any environment, including school. Whether your child is a slow learner, lacks the zeal to read, or is experiencing serious reading problems like dyslexia, the Reading Head Start will help them.

This scientifically proven and school backed program is for anyone, especially parents who want to see their kids succeed in life. It is not math or algebra but simply read-to- success method by a teacher with the same struggles.

After all, is said and done, we all want our kids to be better in the future. A reliable program like Reading Head Start is the best way to go.

Our kids are the future, and only those that can read and understand will scale through the hurdles of life. The ability to read should start from very young; it will build a firmer base for them and make them better. Reading Head Start is a program that any parents can use from a tender age. Unlike most reading programs, it is a safety net that guaranteed success in all kids.

Despite its success rates, it is not for everyone. Some will like it and others not so much. At the end of the day, if a program will help your kid learn and want to read, it is worth trying.

If you are a parent that is searching for a reliable way to teach your kids reading without pressuring them, this is the program for you. Don’t take our word for it; ask parents, teachers, and schools who are using the Reading Head Start program. Sarah Shepard’s worried about her kids’ reading skills started this program, it worked for her, and millions more are enjoying it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your Reading Head Start E-book now.

The Lost Ways 2 Review + Free 7 Bonuses

Different things happen every day and nobody can really determine when a disaster or a food crisis is coming. The world today needs very effective survival prescriptions so that more people can wade through these natural or man-caused occurrences. Usually, persons with the right survival skills, know just what to do at every stage of a crisis.

This means you would be able to save yourself, and even a whole lot of people that may consequently look up to you. If you want to learn how to survive food scarcity and the harshest conditions, then The Lost Ways 2 Book is probably all that you need.

This page is gonna be a detailed review of the Lost Ways 2 Book, So If you are looking for the Official website Click Here

Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name:- Lost Ways 2 

Product Auther:- Claude Davis

Product Price:- $37.00

Official Website:- Click Here

Now as you still reading this, I think you really want to know the truth behind this book, right?

Well, let’s first answer this question…

What Is The Lost Ways 2 Book?

the lost ways 2 reviewThe Lost Ways 2 survival guide comprehensively explains how to cope in the midst of food shortages and other related difficulties. It is however not only valid for the hard times, as it could also serve as a useful living guide for your normal life. However, note that the food solutions in this book are not like common recipes.

The main focus is the wonderful superfoods and all of their characteristics. You’ll be excited by the information you’re getting, and how that information can really transform your life. The superfoods are new to most people, and you’ll see how they differ from the everyday diets you’re used to. In fact, they are more nutritious and ideal than many of the things we eat today.

The Lost Ways 2 guide contains food routines and other recommendations that are very important. They were once considered a top-secret, but anybody can now lawfully access them. However, the information is hard to come by, which is why this book is considered an asset. Some of the things to look out for are the step by step instructions on how to live fine and healthy. Hence, you’ll find old and traditional methods used in ancient times, but which are also effective for contemporary times.

Note that Lost Ways 2 is the second published edition by the same author. In this second edition, Claude Davis adds more useful and interesting facts, that make this book worth buying. Everything in the guide is simplified such that anybody can understand them. Davis also makes use of huge and well-represented images, so that the ideas and concepts are well passed.

Who is Claude Davies?

Claude Davis is best known for his expertise in topics relating to survival skills and tactics. He has been an active survival expert for not less than three decades, with many firsthand experiences. He is passionate about taking people back to the ancient root and also reminding them of how it benefitted us. Many of the things he writes are based on the personal experiences he has had. Davis beliefs so much in testing results and confirming their efficacy, before teaching it to others.

In the Lost Ways 2, his exposition of the superfoods is also based on practical experiences gathered during and after a trip to the Andes Mountain. Basically, he has dedicated so much time and effort to studying and harnessing the ways of the ancient people that worked. Now, Davies feels this generation should become more connected and involved in the ways of the forefathers. He thinks this better equips us to overcome the many challenges facing the world.

Claude Davis has other publications and he is the owner and brain behind All of these things have earned him respect and good followership over the years. Currently, the Lost Ways 2 and his other publications are high in demand.

How Does The Lost Ways 2 Work?

Basically, the Lost Ways 2 survival guide gives readers and users an insight into three superfoods with exceptional qualities. The first and major superfood discussed, is the one eaten by the ancient Incas populace. This dates back to about six (6) centuries ago, although the food was not known until the relatively recent NASA discoveries that found them. According to the Lost Way 2, this super-nutritious superfood can stay preserved for up to ten years. It is now the food eaten by astronauts who go on long-duration journeys. The fact that it is easy to prepare and its ingredients are easy to source, makes it even more interesting.

Asides that, the Lost Ways 2 also contains information on other important food in history. This second superfood is said to have sustained people during the great depression. It was an important food because it could stay edible for up to twenty-four months- without the need for refrigeration. Davis details on its great taste, and how to prepare it on your own.

All of these superfoods have qualities that are common to them, but they also have important peculiar traits. The samurai superfood on another hand is noted for its rich nutrient content, and taste.

Lost Ways 2 Guide Bonus

the lost ways 2 bonusThe Lost Ways 2 comes with a number of bonuses that would surely benefit its users. When you buy the guide, you gain access to the following:

  • Adequate information on how to provide for yourself and family in the event of a major or minor food crisis. Also, the information does not only help you provide food but also highly nutritious food.
  • How to leverage on the healing powers of wild plants, with several examples of such plants. The book comes with huge pictorial representations of the plants, so you can easily recognize them.
  • Information on plants with antibiotic properties and wound healing properties. These plants are particularly very valuable during disasters and crises.

Asides these, other bonus survival information you’ll get includes:

  • The old forgotten ways of building good log houses and underground structures. Usually, these buildings may serve as shelter from the elements during a crisis.
  • How to hunt down and survive on animals from the wild. You’ll learn what makes a good hunting trap and how to place them.
  • Guide on how to gather and make safe drinking water from the environment, without having to spend.
  • How to make good quality charcoal, and also convert it to activated charcoal for water purification and to absorb off dangerous gases.
  • How to segment and effectively utilize four acres of land, so that you are self-sufficient. This information is specifically included for people who want to run their own self-sustained homesteads.

Now, asides the main superfood informational contents, the bonuses on the Lost Ways 2 guide are also quite enormous. It is another reason why existing users acknowledge the book to be a complete survival package.


  • Gives insight into highly nutritious meals that can significantly sustain your family for a long time.
  • All of the superfoods can stay for several months at least, without need for refrigeration or any other special preservation
  • The three superfoods give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of options, each time you need to eat.
  • The prescribed outdoor plants offer you a quick and less costly medicinal advantage for with very little or no side effects.
  • Most of the ingredients for the superfoods can be easily sourced, and they might, in fact, be readily available in your kitchen
  • Each of the superfoods takes less time to prepare, and would usually be ready before you know it.
  • The log cabins and underground structures are good housing and relaxation facilities. They’re relatively easy to build, and the log materials are easy to source.
  • The Lost Ways book is not restricted to only one aspect of survival. It contains detailed guides for providing food, shelter, and meeting other important needs.


  • The book has over 300 pages, which consequently requires your time and dedication, in order to effectively master the solutions.
  • Making use of the Lost Ways 2 requires active internet connectivity, as well as an electronic device for you to read it from.

Why You Should Purchase the Lost Ways 2 Guide

The world population is ever-increasing, but the food supply ratio doesn’t seem to be increasing much. Although the food shortage has always been a problem, things might get even worse. This means that we might likely reach a point where food becomes scarcer than it is now. As the food scarcity crisis subtly deepens, there’s no better time than now to have the right alternatives at your fingertips. These best alternatives are what the Lost Ways 2 provides you.

It equips you in preparedness for any possible crisis. Also, since you cannot predict when the next hurricane or cyclone would happen, you would be wise if you get yourself prepared now. Asides preparing for a possible crisis, this book also helps you and your family live better and healthier.

The author explains in clear simple language, hence making the guide easy to use for all. Also, it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. Now, if you find any survival guide book like this one, then you’re still not likely to find any of these advantages on it.


The Lost Ways 2 book is still one of the books that have specific solutions that address a global problem. Claude Davis’s opinion that people go back to the basic ways of the forefathers may not be wrong after all. The solutions in this book can significantly change the situations around for good if more people gain access to it.

In fact, the other information it has- asides the superfoods are huge on their own. If followed, they could help cut down injury and death rates in a natural disaster situation. Considering its current price, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this may be one of the most underpriced books out there.

Combat Fighter Review – Hard Facts Revealed

combat fighting

Knowing that you’re safe at all times is one of the best assurances an individual can have. This can be the ability to walk the streets at any time in the night or have fun in rowdy places without fear. Of course, this is the dream for most people but it may seem almost impossible. That’s what the Combat Fighter System seeks to change.

Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name:- Combat Fighter

Product Creator:- John Black

Official Website:- Click Here

Click Here Now to Check it Out

Now as you still reading this, I think you really want to know the truth behind this system, right?

Well, let’s first answer this question…

What is The Combat Fighter System?

combat fighter reviewCombat Fighter is a power-pack of videos and manuals that teach you essential techniques needed to defend yourself. It is a guide that gives you everything you need to stay protected without breaking the bank. In fact, many people would describe it as the antidote to crime.

However, Combat Fighter isn’t like most ordinary manuals that make vague promises to its users. It pulls on the experience of an exceptional military veteran to offer the best. This system gets rid of all non-vital protection techniques to offer users the best deal on their money and most importantly, time.

You should have this at the back of your mind; John Black is someone who has seen it all when it comes to the ills of insecurity. If there was someone to ask the questions when it comes to staying safe, he would be the one. And his answer? The Combat Fighter.

Who is John Black?

John Black is an exceptional military man with decades of experience underneath his belt. Although you would refer to him as the tough guy, he wasn’t always like that. Early on, he was an average person like most people until he discovered he needed to toughen up to keep himself and his loved ones safe.

John had his first experience with real violence in 1994. In most cases of assault and robbery, it was unprecedented for the victim which was him. He was in a home with his girlfriend when her ex-partner arrived in a bloody rage.

To say John was terrified would be an understatement. However, the fact that he was completely helpless was much worse. Fortunately, the intervention of police officers saved him, but he couldn’t get over his shameful vulnerability.

John went on to train to defend himself over the following years. He even joined the army. However, John soon discovered that what was truly needed for his protection was often left out. This was what led him to the discovery of the Combat Fighter. Now, he has created an excellent pack that teaches people the most essential techniques needed to keep them safe.

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How Does Combat Fighter System Work?

The Combat Fighter provides buyers with essential skills needed to keep them safe at all times through its video packs. It was created based on John’s vast experience in dealing with different violent/unsafe conditions. This allows it to filter out unimportant or time-wasting techniques or training that come with most training packs. Let us just say it makes you better equipped to defend yourself with less rigor of training.

Now, it is understandable that Combat Fighter may be discredited for its “less for more “approach. However, it is actually very effective. This pack mainly includes video lessons that offer scientifically proven techniques on defense. Of course, you would have to train and practice consistently to get the best.

So, how exactly do you use Combat Fighter?

As detailed earlier, Combat Fighter comes in a power-pack of video instructions. The video instructions contain scenes of violent real-life encounters, and how to deal with them. They can be practiced within the home, gym and all other locations of preference.

To further get the best out of Combat Fighter, you may even get a partner to practice with. Finally, one thing is certain. That is; John Black will equip you with all you need to protect yourself.

Combat Fighter Bonus Packages

Combat fighter bonusAlthough the Combat Fighter is an excellent deal itself, there are some extra benefits that come with its purchase. All thanks to John Black. Those bonus packages which John describes as “special presents” are:

  • The Advanced Situational Awareness Manual

First on the list is the Advanced Situational Awareness Manual. The manual is one that pulls on John’s military experience to give offer buyers a skill you’d find only among uniformed men. It teaches buyers how to monitor and evaluate their surroundings. Why? They get to be able to predict conflict before it actually begins by knowing the signs. Now, how cool is that?

  • The Alpha Survival Manual

With the Alpha Survival Manual, John can literally be regarded as Santa. The generous manual is the second to come with the Combat Fighter Pack. Better? It teaches techniques needed for survival in uncontrollable situations such as terrorist attacks. Be it your survival stock or get-away plans in the case of an attack, this manual has got it.

  • Membership to Alpha-Nation Coaching Community

This is the last “special present” on the list. Thanks to John once again, Combat Fighter doesn’t only offer you a power-pack on techniques for survival. It also gives you access to a community of others like you. Amazingly, the Combat Fighter package comes with a free 30-day membership with its online community. There, you get to catch-up with like-minded people, learn techniques better and so on.

Also, Combat Fighter offers some of the best fighting techniques which are:

The Center Line Strike:

This is a defensive technique that helps take out opposition to allow for a quick retreat.

Blitz Blast:

A rapid attack technique in the face of danger.

The Force Hijack:

A technique that counters the enemy attack with its own force.

The Surgical Strike:

A technique that helps rid the enemy of its advantage by causing neurological disruption

One and Done:

A technique that ensures a simple and easy win in a fight

The Tipping Point Principle:

Here, fighters are taught the perfect moments to change fighting techniques when in an encounter. That is; the right time to go from offensive to defensive and vice versa.

The Third Eye:

A technique that makes a fighter instantly aware of the opposition’s weakness and ways to capitalize on that.

Other minor bonuses include; savings due to discount on purchase and time-saving framework to mention a few.

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  • The Combat Fighter is highly affordable
  • The package offers access to exclusive self-protection techniques
  • Techniques can be easily learned through real-life depictions
  • The lessons taught are highly reliable
  • The techniques can be learned within a short period


  • Combat Fighter is only available in digital format (no hard copy)
  • Video quality is not in HD
  • Techniques need consistent training and practice to be fully mastered

Why You Should Purchase Combat Fighter System?

combat fighter systemWithout a doubt, there are lots of training available on the Internet when it comes to self-protection. However, most of them do not entail the wealth of experience which John Black offers with the Combat Fighter. The framework of the package shows that it is as a result of the knowledge of the best of the best. And that’s something you can’t get just anywhere.

Also, Combat Fighter comes at a highly affordable price compared to other alternatives. This is particularly surprising as it also comes with “special presents”, which double up on the value of the offer. The truth remains that if all sellers were as generous as John Black, we’d probably have no lacking person in the world.

Another reason why Combat Fighter is an excellent choice is the ease-of-use it provides. Many people consider self-protection techniques as rigorous. However, the techniques are as easy as it gets when it comes to learning with Combat Fighter. You can decide to stay off the gym and practice at home throughout. Still, you’d be as good and maybe better than someone who goes to the ring every day.

Lastly, Combat Fighter has a secret ingredient that other alternatives do not have. What’s that? An approach that helps you become the best with the least stress. This is why it was mentioned earlier that Combat Fighter only teaches the essential techniques. Now, you may be wondering what makes this so special. Well, often people spend years learning skills which they will never use and lose valuable time. With Combat Fighter, this is impossible as only the vitals in self-protection are taught. In fact, you can become a professional in self-defense with only a few hours of learning from Combat Fighter.


Apart from the fact that John Black seems like an amazing guy, Combat Fighter is a very good bet for buyers’ money. The benefits provided by Combat Fighter greatly outweigh the cons. In fact, the positives can be said to have kicked the negatives off the table.

We mean, what’s better than having access to military-grade experience, and still paying so little. Trust us, it doesn’t get greater than this!

On a final note, Combat Fighter comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re displeased with the package or your expectations are not met, a full refund will be made. So, don’t let this opportunity pass. We know we wouldn’t.

Click Here Now to Check it Out

The Lost Ways Book Review

Things can go wrong in a very short time. When things go wrong, most of us would not want to go with them. But, there is usually this part of us that hopes for the best. This part of us may incline us to be inadequately prepared for the worst. But we all know for a fact that disasters will always happen. Things will go wrong once in a while and for this reason, we should always prepare.

Many times, disasters are unforeseen and preparing for them is not easy. But with The Lost Ways, your preparation can be less complicated.

What is The Lost Ways Book?

the lost ways reviewThe Lost Ways is an e-book compiled by Claude Davis. It talks about how to survive at the lowest points. It serves as a guide to preparing for all disasters. This book focuses on older techniques of survival. The historical techniques used for survival many decades ago. These techniques are such that will help you survive on very little resources.

If one day the world burns and basic resources are unavailable. The techniques and skills in The Lost Ways will help you survive that day. The number of techniques and skills discussed in The Lost Ways is not exhaustive.

Some of the topics included in this book discuss meal preparations. You will also find topics on creating crude tools using basic materials. There are also descriptions of ancient healthcare, brewing, and the art of defense. The description provides information on how to do these things. It also tells you how they can be useful to you.

The Lost Ways is a collection of survival techniques from experts in various fields. There were at least 12 experts who contributed to this book. The contributors included a Firearm and Old West history expert and a chemist.

Who is Claude Davis?

Claude DavisAs you may have realized by now, Claude Davis is also an author. He wrote The Lost Ways, What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard, The Lost Book of Remedies, and some other books. He also co-wrote The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: The Healing Power of Plant Medicine. He wrote this book with Nicole Apelian.

You will not find Claude Davis living fancifully. You may not even meet him driving a car or living in sophisticated buildings. The man is a survival expert and he has been one for over 30 years. Over the years, he has learned the ways of old ad preserve them. He makes to reconcile the ways of the people who lived many years ago with the way of life in these times.

He tries to live as green as our ancestors did. To this end, he lives with his family in a log cabin he built himself. He also wears clothes made by hands and cooks on an open flame. As described in The Lost Ways, he believes that the world is tending towards a crisis. He is helping prepare for this in different ways. One of these ways is The Lost Ways book but this is not the only way.

Claude Davis has a website ( that was created in 2015. This website focuses on everything about survival. On this website, people ask questions about preparation and survival. He provides answers.

What is inside The Lost Ways PDF Book?

The Lost Ways integrate methods from the early Native Americans. You will also find techniques from the Old Sailors and Old West Wanderers.

Water Storage

The sailors of the 17th century used to store clean water in their ships for months. By doing this, they were able to maintain a constant supply of consumable water over long periods. Their methods are thoroughly explained in this book. Using this method, you can maintain a fairly constant supply of water when it is scarce.

Managing Ammunition

The hunters of the Old West never ran out of ammunition even though it was scarce. It is amazing how they would average one kill with less than a bullet. If a disaster happens, the supply of ammunition may become limited with time. This may become an issue. But, by following the techniques of the Old West, you can use the same ammunition over and over.


The Art of Poultice is also something you will gain from reading through The Lost Ways. If a disaster were to happen, medications or access to medications will reduce. You certainly do not watch people die because medicines are not available. The art of poultice teaches the herbs to use in different medical conditions. It also teaches how to prepare them and how to administer them.


The book also explains how to make nutritious meals using regular ingredients. These meals provide nutrients for a healthy body and mind during disasters. The recipes are from those the Early Native American Scouts used during their time.

You may not be able to walk into a store to get meat if there was a serious disaster going on. For instance, if there was war, the meat store will not be in business. But as long as your body is alive, it will remain in business and you have to feed it. No worries if you are not a trained hunter. The book discusses how to set traps that can catch animals. You can then cook the animals your trap catches for their meat.


A disaster may come that may render people without accommodation. Without a place to sleep, the only option you have would be to sleep in the cold. Outside, you are not exposed to only cold, but to an array of harm. Wild animals, harmful insects, and enemy soldiers are some of these harms. But the guide in The Lost Ways teaches you how to build houses on land and underground. These houses are adaptations of the types built by Native Americans.


  • The book has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you buy The Lost Ways book and do not like what you see, you can return within 60 days. If returned within 60 days, you get your money back.
  • The contents of this book are not unclear. They are such that most people can relate to and use. The tips are useful when things go wrong and even on normal days.
  • The topics were thoroughly discussed. Compared to other books with the same theme, this is one of the ones with a lot of details.
  • The techniques provided in the book are not abstract. They are things you can do on your own if you follow the steps provided.


  • Practicing what is taught in the book is time-consuming. You may have to try the techniques over and over again before you become very good at them. The good thing is that when you are finally good at it, it is worth it.
  • As mentioned above, it is time-consuming and you may get frustrated. So you need to be very patient while trying the techniques out. You should always choose a time when you will be comfortable to try them out.
  • You can get a physical copy of the book or get it as an eBook. But, none of these have videos or audios attached to them.

Why you should buy The Lost Ways?

At this point, you should have ordered yours already. But if you have not done this, let us tell you why you should. The Lost Ways describe the essentials in detail. It talks about food, water, health, and accommodation. These are everything you need to stay alive. These are everything you need to survive.

These techniques are from survival experts. They were compiled by a man who has lived by them for about 3 decades. You can be sure that what you have in the book is tested and trusted. Also, the content of this book is not for crises and disasters only. You can apply them when you go camping in the woods or decide to go off the grid. So there is more to The Lost Ways than just disaster.


In just a few months, the year 2020 has shown us a glimpse of how things can turn out during disasters. No one wishes disaster on the world but they happen anyway. When they happen, we look forward to an end. But we can only see an end if we survive the disaster. We can only survive if we prepare well for them.