Reading Head Start Review – $1 Trial | Free 6 Bonuses

We have all gone through the struggle of getting into reading from the day we first got enrolled in a school. The day your child starts speaking proper words, you want them to start the reading process as well. As a parent, you know how important reading skills are for your child’s academic growth. You give them colorful, cute children books specially designed for toddlers to give them a head start in reading before schooling begins; start reading them bedtime stories to develop their interest.

But what happens when your child does not take interest in those books and bedtimes stories or is more interested in watching cartoons on your smartphones and tablets, or listens keenly to your stories but doesn’t want to hold a book in his hands?

Such episodes are common and prevalent in every household where children are present. This is where the “Reading Head Start” program acts as a saving grace.

In the article below, we have thoroughly gone through all aspects of this program to give you the necessary details that will come in handy if you decide to buy this reading plan for your kid.

What is “Reading Head Start”?

Reading Head Start is a certified, online, systematic, and easy to follow a reading plan designed by Sarah Shepard, a mother and a teacher.

The program contains various reading levels to give a head start to your child’s reading journey, that too in a playful manner.

This reading plan requires 15 minutes of your daily time for only three days a week. These few minutes will give your children the necessary kick start to develop his reading skills.

What plan of action is included in the Reading Head Start Program?

It is an online reading platform; therefore, all the tutorials and reading tasks are available online. The stuff can be easily acquired through smartphones, tablets, or even computers. The program is specifically designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. As a result, not only parents but children themselves can also steer through the material to get step-by-step tutorials.

Children, especially toddlers, have a very short concentration span;they get bored and distracted quite easily. To keep your child engaged and prevent him from losing interest, new lessons and activities are added on a daily basis. Thus, your child will be able to learn new things every day.

The learning plan contains a total of four phases and, depending on your child’s learning phase, he/she will be provided with worksheets and books, reading videos and games, learning exercises and tasks, accordingly.

Children need motivation more than adults. For that, the Reading Head Start rewards the child with a “Reading Head Start Certificate” upon successfully completing each level. This boosts the morale of children and motivates them to proceed further with more interest and zeal.

The program’s duration is 40 weeks in total, and each week your child will have something new and interactive to look forward to. The skillfully planned program gives parents ideas about how to abet their children to develop the fundamental skills required for successful academics.

The program will provide placards, sound cards, letter formation, phonics flashcards, etc. to sharpen your child’s phonemic and word writing skills.

What does the program teach you?

The program underlines the key components needed to guide parents to help their child evolve his learning skills. It teaches:

  • How to develop your child’s interest in reading and help him/her excel at it.
  • Advises on how to be an active participant in your child’s learning process.
  • Scientifically proven methods to reverse dyslexia if your kid is suffering from it.
  • Importance of reading, and methods of how to engage your toddlers in reading at the beginning of their school years.
  • Methods to improve a child’s phonetics and vocabulary.
  • Techniques to enhance your child’s social and communication skills.
  • Guidelines to enhance your child’s brain development and cognitive skills to the fullest.

These are the reasons that millions of people are taking help from this online platform to give their children the necessary bootstrap required to successfully navigate through the early years of their school learning.

This influential program puts an end to the need of hiring expensive professional tutors.

What are the advantages of using the Reading Head Start learning platform?

Here are some of the benefits of using this online learning platform that will definitely lead to you buying it right away for your child:

  1. Easy to use: The program is pretty easy to use since it has been designed to be very user-friendly. With just a click, all the learning material will be displayed on your device’s screen. The learning process is not only easy to comprehend, but also gives you full control over the learning pace of your child. You can run videos and activities whenever you can spare 15 minutes of your time for three days a week, for your child’s learning.
  2. Inexpensive: Money is a deciding factor in many circumstances. The good thing about this program is that it does not burden your budget. In only $1, you can take a trial for 3 days and, if the tutorials satisfy you, you can then deposit the full payment to buy the entire reading planner.
  3. Learning with entertainment: The program contains playful learning games and videos, along with interesting fun activities to keep your child hooked till the end. It does not believe in conventional dictatorial tutoring methods that deter children from reading and learning.
  4. Efficacious program:The whole learning process is very productive, and you’ll see positive results within the first few weeks of the program. The millions of buyers are reason enough to guarantee the effectiveness of this learning tutorial.
  5. Bonus information: The program not only teaches kids how to develop reading abilities but also provides shortcut techniques to memorize new words. It guides parents about how to assist their children throughout their learning process.
  6. Money-back guarantee:The program is 100% legit, and comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee. If you are not content with the initial learning lessons, you can claim your money back. Also, you get a trial period of 3 days with just $1. This is why it is iron-clad, and worth giving a try.

Potential Drawbacks

The program is no doubt very productive and effective, but there’s a potential snag to it that might be a hindrance for some people.

Taking out 15 minutes for three days a week might be too demanding for the parents that have 9 – 5 office jobs. Also, the entire learning program is online, which needs a secure and strong internet connection to play learning videos and games on your device. If you have a jittery internet connection, you might not be able to fully benefit from the plan.


The initial years of your child’s academics are crucial, and build the foundation of his learning skills. This program ensures that your child gets all the necessary training needed to develop his/her core learning skills to the fullest.


The Lost Ways 2 Review ( Jan. 2020 ) + Free 7 Bonuses

Living creatures are dwelling on this planet for ages. No one is quite certain about the duration of the existence of living things on this planet. Some believe that God concocted the organisms, while others propose that a flurry bang made nature. Whatever is the origin of creatures, we know that human beings are the ones who have survived perfectly in their habitats. The adaptation of environmental stresses with time has played a vital role in the viability of human beings. Our ancestors had the magic wand in terms of tips and techniques which let them survive even in the worst of situations and times, but as time passed on, those methods withered away.

Claude Davis, with the sequel of his book, The Lost Ways, mustered up the methods of divine survival in his new book, The Lost Ways 2.

The world has been cursed by nature and the humans themselves. Natural calamities have encircled this planet due to which people have to survive in adverse conditions with no basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothes, electricity, and other vital things. Claude Davis has authored this book to prepare humanity to face such conditions for a long period of time.

What does the book cover?

The Lost Ways 2 is considered as one of the best survival programs ever written. It is a complete guide book for those who may get in unpropitious situations. This book could be a great asset for saving the lives of others and loved ones. Here are some key guidelines:


In this book, the author has written about a dish that vanished nearly six centuries ago. The Incas used to store itin pits for more than ten years and ate it in long droughts up to four years. He claims that NASA has rediscovered that dish and provides it to astronauts who they go on long missions to space. If you get the hand on that dish, your surviving chances will increase by leaps and bounds.

The author has also mentioned a way to preserve the food without the use of advanced technologies such as refrigerators.  The technique is from old times when people use active ingredients to conserve food, which is environment-friendly, of course. He has also discussed the secret of cooking the meat perfectly filled up with delicious taste and spices.

The Lost Samurai Superfood is another edible entity elucidated by the author, which was used in wars. It was full of healthy nutrients that contained bundles of energy in them. Once eaten, you get enough energy to conquer.


The shelter is one of the primary needs of human beings. It keeps people safe from the outside calamities. When a disaster occurs, everything gets destroyed, and at that time, it is hard to find a shelter, so why not build yourself one? Claude Davis has restored the ancient but sublime way of building the house out of logs. Implementing the method mentioned in the book, you can build up your cabin in times of desperate needs. The safe settlement could be easily constructed with a very low cost for survival or even for having a calm time in a soothing place. Proper steps for constructing this log house are present in the book.

Herbs as Remedies

Human beings have been vulnerable to germs that cause severe diseases since the beginning. With the advancement of science, medicines made up of chemicals have dug their importance in the field of medication. In this book, you can find the magic of wild herbs, which has been faded away with time. The skillset required to master the use of wild herbs in our favor is written in this book of utmost survival.  The knowledge of wild plants deceased with the evolution in the areas of farming and agriculture. People of older generations knew about thousands of wild plants, but nowadays, people do not know about more than twenty species. The author has mentioned distinctly almost every consumable and medicinal plant present in North America. Another amazing method of checking the plant, whether it is edible or not without eating it, is drafted in this book. The steps to grow these herbs in your backyard are also presented in this book.

Clean Water

No Water No Life. Without water, nobody can survive. Water can be stored, but it gets contaminated and dirty. Most of the people living in undeveloped countries don’t get clean water to drink. This book provides a process of filtration of water with natural items. People store water from rain and other sources,but with time it becomes harmful. Activated charcoal could be used for the purification of water. Its proper use as a filter is discussed in this book. About 800 gallons of water could be treated with activated charcoal. If, in adverse conditions, all the water available is contaminated, then you can use this technique to have crystal clear water for yourself and your family to drink.

A creative idea of digging wells in no time is also mentioned in this book. With no super working or high expenses, you can build your well from which you can pour out fresh water for your use.

Advantages of the Book

  • This book is written in easy language which could be understood by anyone.
  • This book teaches numerous methods of preserving food that doesn’t get spoiled for years.
  • It is an ultimate guide that has innovative tricks through which lives could be saved.
  • It is affordable as compared to other books of the same genre.

Disadvantages of the Book

  • The tips and tricks given in this book can’t be learned thoroughly in a few hours. To learn these techniques inside out, you have to invest your time in it.
  • It is an eBook. You must have an internet connection to read it.



Claude Davis is a veteran survival expert who has authored many fine articles related to the endurance of human lives. Through his book, The Lost Ways 2, he has tried to bring back all the lost knowledge of our forefathers, which they used to survive in terrible situations. This guide bookprovides you a complete package of utmost survival involving information related to food, how to converse it for periods longer than a year, water, and its storage along with the filtration techniques. This book also provides you information related to the use of wild herbs as an edible item or for medicinal purposes. Overall, this book is completely worthy of your money as all the methods present in it are scientifically proved and are enough to make you survive in any calamity.