How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats?

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It is no longer news that cannabis is one of the most sought after alternative forms of treatment in dealing with certain pet conditions. You can find CBD oil and treats specifically for cats and dogs, which begs the question of how one can use them safely?


A lot of care is needed when handling pet ailments. Your dog and cat can’t cry out when they require medical attention, so it falls on you as the mum or dad to know the tell signs. The best thing you can do is use the best form of treatment available, so when using CBD for pets, you want to be extra cautious.


What is CBD?


Understanding all there is to know about cannabis is the first step to take before giving your dog or cat hemp oil or treats. Most people who already use CBD for therapy may already know how it acts, but for those who do not, further research is advised.


CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant. Short for cannabidiol, the compound is a constituent in both hemp and marijuana plants. The cannabis plant also has other compounds present, and one of them is THC, which, unlike CBD, is highly psychoactive.


Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats



The benefits outweigh the side effects, and so there is a growing demand for pet cannabis products in many parts of the world. You can find specialized hemp-infused oils, creams, and edibles that can help felines and canines deal with specific health challenges. Some of the benefits of CBD for pets include

How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats 2


1.      Pain and Inflammation


It is common for dogs and cats to get into accidents from running around. It could also be they are dealing with joint pain from aging or recovering from surgery, and you would agree that times like this can be quite challenging for your animal companion. If that is the case, you can view the trusted hemp products available for treating pain in dogs and cats. Most pet mum and dad choose CBD over NSAIDs due to the ability to offer relief from pain and inflammation without the side effects associated with pain killers.


2.      Stress and Anxiety


There are days when your pet may be dealing with severe mood swings or coping with trauma, and CBD could help ease the stress and anxiety that follows such situations. Most pet owners would prefer to use treats to get their pets excited, and you could even take it further with hemp edibles to get them to relax better. Make sure to go for the flavors they enjoy the most, so they don’t waste time chewing on them.


3.      Sleep


The sedative nature of the cannabinoid compound helps relaxes the muscle and joints, which could help pets find quality sleep. You can find specific brands that contain other additives that help relax the nerves or even sedatives, so you want to go for the ones that would benefit your pet the most.


4.      Cancer


Most vets prescribe CBD for the medical treatment of cancer in dogs and cats. Based on statistics, one in every four dogs is at risk of developing some form of cancer later in life. And while there are ways to reduce the risk of melanoma in animals, studies are showing that cannabis could help kill cancer cells.


There are several other ways that CBD could be beneficial to pets, and you can check this page for more on that.


Side Effects of CBD for Dogs and Cats


As with any other medication, there are bound to be complications, especially when you abuse the treatment. Your best bet is to seek the guidance of a physician who knows your pet’s health history. But while there are no severe contradictions with the use of cannabis supplements, it is common for pets to suffer from


  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Loss of coordination
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced appetite


One way prevent complications with hemp treatment is to follow a regimented dosage and prevent abuse. The same goes when using it on your pet. You should also know that it is necessary to go for CBD products with less than 0.3% THC so you can be sure your pet won’t suffer from any high.

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