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In the midst of growing concern regarding food production and supply it is only smart for anyone to be proactive; ensuring there is an adequate supply of this essential human need. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) came out some days back to warn about the looming food crisis, commenting on the impact of COVID-19 on the global food supply chain.

We’re at War! It is no longer news that the world is currently experiencing biological warfare with regards to Covid-19. In any war situation; the first “weapon” so to speak that one must be armed with is a “Survival Guide”. For instance, The Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide comprehensively explains how to stay afloat in the midst of the food crisis and other related issues.

The human body is designed to have a frequent intake of food for the following reasons: Supply of energy for strength; to produce body chemicals needed for tissue and other body repairs, and to offer the body the necessary nutrients for growth. When you think about the role that food plays in human life; the first thing that would come to your mind –obviously –is to keep us alive. We need nutrients and calories from food for growth, repairs and ensure the proper functioning of the body’s metabolic processes.

How Nutritious Are Canned Food?

Canned foods can play a vital role in the overall nutrient supply and healthy diet. Individuals who eat more canned foods open themselves up for higher intake of vegetables and fruits for instance and higher intake of nutrients than those who eat fewer canned vegetables and fruits.

Canned foods can be just as nutritious as foods made fresh or frozen food. The reason this is so is that canning ensures preservations of many nutrients. The amount and quality of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals as well as other food nutrients –relatively–stay the same and unchanged as a result of the canning process.

You should also know that canned foods are a convenient way to have more of your otherwise ‘fresh dishes’ as they are mostly affordable. The ultimate advantage of canned foods remains its longevity; the ability to remain healthy and edible for a long time. An average canned food has a shelf life of at least twelve to sixty months. This and much more important information is available on The Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide.

Go For the Best Survival Canned Food

It is amazing what you will discover from this book regarding survival information on food and other necessities.

How to provide for oneself and family –during events that call for people’s proactivity; such as making provision for food –is a question that lurks on the human mind in the advent of major or minor food crises.

Survivalists know that in the days of uncertainties, panics, and crisis; ensuring adequate preparation involves stocking the house with foods and other necessities that can stand the test of time.

People who consume less canned foods steer away because of the notion that they are not up to par in terms of their nutritional value and content. Nonetheless, canned food can contribute to the overall balance diet and healthy dish especially when you need to stock food that’d keep you healthy whilst battling with food crises and shortages.

As you stock your home; below are canned foods to include in your groceries for the quest for survival:

Bega Cheese in a Can

This one Can 200g processed cheese has a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Imported fresh from Australia, it’s one of the best cheese around that you can grate and slice to make dinner.

Canned Bread

Yes, I am referring to bread that comes in a can. B & M brown bread is an option to consider due to its ability to remain edible for several years. It is a classic New England taste and termed as New England favorite!

Canned Bacon

Canned bacon is touted as the favorite of the meat options, which includes canned ham and canned hamburger. It’s a miracle that bacon comes in a can; makes it easy for a survival plan. Yoder’s bacon in a can, for instance, has a shelf life of about 10 years.

There are quite a number of canned foods you can grab and stockpile in the face of food shortages; others include Hamburger meat preserved in a can, ready-to-eat Beef stew in a can, etc.

Canned tomato without salt

Most of the sauces and stews that you cook require a tomato base.

The natural tomato without canning salt is perfect to accompany any dish that requires sauce, crushed, or natural. In addition, it is very cheap and we find it even out of season.


The sardines canned in oil are perfect for a quick dinner snack. They are great too because they contain omega 3. In addition, if you buy them in olive oil, you will have a product of equal or better quality than the fresh one.

Canned tuna

Canned sardines are not the only fish products to consume in canned containers. Other fish like tuna are also very positive. In addition, with them, we can make many quick and healthy dishes.

Low sodium green beans

The green beans could also retain all its properties. However, we must be careful to choose cans that are low in salt or low in sodium and refer to it on the label.

Coconut milk

The coconut milk canned is highly recommended because we can use it all year long and is easy to get anywhere. In addition, with it, we can prepare delicious sweets and desserts.


Although you can buy fresh or frozen vegetables, its canned version is not a bad option. According to specialists, vegetables are canned at their maximum maturity, so they remain a nutritious option. Plus, they’re easy to store and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling in your fridge. I always chose the option with the least amount of sodium.

Bottom line

Getting canned foods is one thing; what happens when events escalated or become tense and other things needed for food preparation are cut off or undersupply? For instance; supply of electricity or gas.

Ultimately you need a guide that’d get you equipped and prepared for the apocalypses [the eventualities]. When things go haywire how do you keep yourself and your loved ones alive? This book is the ultimate survival guide. Remember when things get rough only the tough keeps going.

The Lost Ways 2 Review + Free 7 Bonuses

Different things happen every day and nobody can really determine when a disaster or a food crisis is coming. The world today needs very effective survival prescriptions so that more people can wade through these natural or man-caused occurrences. Usually, persons with the right survival skills, know just what to do at every stage of a crisis.

This means you would be able to save yourself, and even a whole lot of people that may consequently look up to you. If you want to learn how to survive food scarcity and the harshest conditions, then The Lost Ways 2 Book is probably all that you need.

This page is gonna be a detailed review of the Lost Ways 2 Book, So If you are looking for the Official website Click Here

Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name:- Lost Ways 2 

Product Auther:- Claude Davis

Product Price:- $37.00

Official Website:- Click Here

Now as you still reading this, I think you really want to know the truth behind this book, right?

Well, let’s first answer this question…

What Is The Lost Ways 2 Book?

the lost ways 2 reviewThe Lost Ways 2 survival guide comprehensively explains how to cope in the midst of food shortages and other related difficulties. It is however not only valid for the hard times, as it could also serve as a useful living guide for your normal life. However, note that the food solutions in this book are not like common recipes.

The main focus is the wonderful superfoods and all of their characteristics. You’ll be excited by the information you’re getting, and how that information can really transform your life. The superfoods are new to most people, and you’ll see how they differ from the everyday diets you’re used to. In fact, they are more nutritious and ideal than many of the things we eat today.

The Lost Ways 2 guide contains food routines and other recommendations that are very important. They were once considered a top-secret, but anybody can now lawfully access them. However, the information is hard to come by, which is why this book is considered an asset. Some of the things to look out for are the step by step instructions on how to live fine and healthy. Hence, you’ll find old and traditional methods used in ancient times, but which are also effective for contemporary times.

Note that Lost Ways 2 is the second published edition by the same author. In this second edition, Claude Davis adds more useful and interesting facts, that make this book worth buying. Everything in the guide is simplified such that anybody can understand them. Davis also makes use of huge and well-represented images, so that the ideas and concepts are well passed.

Who is Claude Davies?

Claude Davis is best known for his expertise in topics relating to survival skills and tactics. He has been an active survival expert for not less than three decades, with many firsthand experiences. He is passionate about taking people back to the ancient root and also reminding them of how it benefitted us. Many of the things he writes are based on the personal experiences he has had. Davis beliefs so much in testing results and confirming their efficacy, before teaching it to others.

In the Lost Ways 2, his exposition of the superfoods is also based on practical experiences gathered during and after a trip to the Andes Mountain. Basically, he has dedicated so much time and effort to studying and harnessing the ways of the ancient people that worked. Now, Davies feels this generation should become more connected and involved in the ways of the forefathers. He thinks this better equips us to overcome the many challenges facing the world.

Claude Davis has other publications and he is the owner and brain behind All of these things have earned him respect and good followership over the years. Currently, the Lost Ways 2 and his other publications are high in demand.

How Does The Lost Ways 2 Work?

Basically, the Lost Ways 2 survival guide gives readers and users an insight into three superfoods with exceptional qualities. The first and major superfood discussed, is the one eaten by the ancient Incas populace. This dates back to about six (6) centuries ago, although the food was not known until the relatively recent NASA discoveries that found them. According to the Lost Way 2, this super-nutritious superfood can stay preserved for up to ten years. It is now the food eaten by astronauts who go on long-duration journeys. The fact that it is easy to prepare and its ingredients are easy to source, makes it even more interesting.

Asides that, the Lost Ways 2 also contains information on other important food in history. This second superfood is said to have sustained people during the great depression. It was an important food because it could stay edible for up to twenty-four months- without the need for refrigeration. Davis details on its great taste, and how to prepare it on your own.

All of these superfoods have qualities that are common to them, but they also have important peculiar traits. The samurai superfood on another hand is noted for its rich nutrient content, and taste.

Lost Ways 2 Guide Bonus

the lost ways 2 bonusThe Lost Ways 2 comes with a number of bonuses that would surely benefit its users. When you buy the guide, you gain access to the following:

  • Adequate information on how to provide for yourself and family in the event of a major or minor food crisis. Also, the information does not only help you provide food but also highly nutritious food.
  • How to leverage on the healing powers of wild plants, with several examples of such plants. The book comes with huge pictorial representations of the plants, so you can easily recognize them.
  • Information on plants with antibiotic properties and wound healing properties. These plants are particularly very valuable during disasters and crises.

Asides these, other bonus survival information you’ll get includes:

  • The old forgotten ways of building good log houses and underground structures. Usually, these buildings may serve as shelter from the elements during a crisis.
  • How to hunt down and survive on animals from the wild. You’ll learn what makes a good hunting trap and how to place them.
  • Guide on how to gather and make safe drinking water from the environment, without having to spend.
  • How to make good quality charcoal, and also convert it to activated charcoal for water purification and to absorb off dangerous gases.
  • How to segment and effectively utilize four acres of land, so that you are self-sufficient. This information is specifically included for people who want to run their own self-sustained homesteads.

Now, asides the main superfood informational contents, the bonuses on the Lost Ways 2 guide are also quite enormous. It is another reason why existing users acknowledge the book to be a complete survival package.


  • Gives insight into highly nutritious meals that can significantly sustain your family for a long time.
  • All of the superfoods can stay for several months at least, without need for refrigeration or any other special preservation
  • The three superfoods give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of options, each time you need to eat.
  • The prescribed outdoor plants offer you a quick and less costly medicinal advantage for with very little or no side effects.
  • Most of the ingredients for the superfoods can be easily sourced, and they might, in fact, be readily available in your kitchen
  • Each of the superfoods takes less time to prepare, and would usually be ready before you know it.
  • The log cabins and underground structures are good housing and relaxation facilities. They’re relatively easy to build, and the log materials are easy to source.
  • The Lost Ways book is not restricted to only one aspect of survival. It contains detailed guides for providing food, shelter, and meeting other important needs.


  • The book has over 300 pages, which consequently requires your time and dedication, in order to effectively master the solutions.
  • Making use of the Lost Ways 2 requires active internet connectivity, as well as an electronic device for you to read it from.

Why You Should Purchase the Lost Ways 2 Guide

The world population is ever-increasing, but the food supply ratio doesn’t seem to be increasing much. Although the food shortage has always been a problem, things might get even worse. This means that we might likely reach a point where food becomes scarcer than it is now. As the food scarcity crisis subtly deepens, there’s no better time than now to have the right alternatives at your fingertips. These best alternatives are what the Lost Ways 2 provides you.

It equips you in preparedness for any possible crisis. Also, since you cannot predict when the next hurricane or cyclone would happen, you would be wise if you get yourself prepared now. Asides preparing for a possible crisis, this book also helps you and your family live better and healthier.

The author explains in clear simple language, hence making the guide easy to use for all. Also, it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. Now, if you find any survival guide book like this one, then you’re still not likely to find any of these advantages on it.


The Lost Ways 2 book is still one of the books that have specific solutions that address a global problem. Claude Davis’s opinion that people go back to the basic ways of the forefathers may not be wrong after all. The solutions in this book can significantly change the situations around for good if more people gain access to it.

In fact, the other information it has- asides the superfoods are huge on their own. If followed, they could help cut down injury and death rates in a natural disaster situation. Considering its current price, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this may be one of the most underpriced books out there.