How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying? No More Cat Spraying

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

Having a pet in your home is cool but when it comes to keeping the home tidy it becomes a big challenge, especially when the pet is a cat. Imagine coming home after a tiring day and discover your home smells of cat urine, it has to be the most annoying feeling. The first thing that comes to your mind is to punish your cat, but stop for a minute and ask yourself if punishing that cat will stop it from spraying urine all over your home. If you decide to discipline your cat, it won’t stop it from spraying, it will rather instill fear in it and make the cat spray more. Note that it is natural for cats to spray but this is mostly done outside, hence, if your cat brings it indoor you should know something is wrong.

What is cat spraying?

Cat spraying is more like your cat is marking its territory using its urine. Normally a cat is supposed to squat and urinate but when it begins to stand with one leg up then it has started spraying and this is mostly done on vertical surfaces and it has a very strong disgusting smell. However, if you have noticed this behavior in your cat, then it is time to launch a “cat spraying no more” attack using the simple steps mentioned below;

Don’t discipline your cat

As humans, when your cat misbehaves the first thing that comes to your mind is to punish it. Most especially when you are still trying to deal with it scratching every surface and shedding its hair, adding spraying to it is a big challenge. But discipline doesn’t stop your cat from spraying, it only aggravates what caused it from spraying at first and make it spray more often. Anxiety, stress, or if your cat feels threatened can make it start spraying in the house, hence, it is your duty to find out what the problem is and deal with it appropriately.

Identify the cat’s reason for spraying

Before your cat starts spraying, something must have triggered it, so it is essential to find out the reason for spraying. There are so many things that make your cat feel threatened and begin to spray indoor. It could be your cat is feeling intimidated by other pets that wander into your garden, or you probably made changes to your environment, and knowing how sensitive cats are, they will feel scared, withdraw and start spraying as a way of marking their territory. If you brought in a new pet, try to introduce your cat to it so your cat doesn’t feel insecure and begin to spray, and lastly, it might be a medical condition. So if you’ve tried other reasons and it’s not working, take your cat to a vegetarian because infection or illness also causes your cat to spray indiscriminately.

Clean the affected areas

Once your cat has started spraying, it will always go back to that spot to spray its urine. For you to achieve your “cat spraying no more” challenge, then you need to clean and remove every scent of it’s urine from your home. Once you’ve dealt with the cause of it’s spraying, getting rid of the scent should be your next action. This might be a bigger challenge because cats are very sensitive and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the smell, your cat might still perceive it and find it’s way back. Therefore, you should try using a neutralizer when cleaning so it neutralizes the smell and prevents your cat from locating the spraying spot. You can as well play with your cat more often on that spot and make them comfortable this way, their spraying habit will be curtailed and stopped eventually.

Cat training programs

Ever been in a situation whereby you get so confused about what’s bothering your cat and why it is acting up? You are not in this alone, when your cat starts spraying urine and you have tried to find out why it is spraying, without getting anywhere, a training program is sure to help you. Join a cat training program and get enlightened on ways to deal with your cat’s spraying habit and put an end to it. Cat training programs such as Cat Spraying No More are very effective and it helps you find solutions to so many awkward behaviors your cat might put up that leave you confused, and the spraying habit isn’t left out.

Finding out why your cat has cultivated the habit of spraying in your home can be quite a challenge, but as soon as you are able to figure it out, then you are one step closer to stopping your cat from spraying. You don’t need to be resentful although the bad odor can be frustrating, it is only for a while. Pay more attention to your cat and use the above steps to find out why your cat is spraying and put an end to it. Cats are loveable creatures and if they exhibit any negative character, it must have been triggered by something. Find out what triggered the spraying of urine by your cat, find a solution to it, and put an end to it permanently.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review – How does it works?

In our current world, we rely on a lot of electronic gadgets to make our lives a lot more exciting and get things done. Gadgets such as phones, laptops, radios, etc. have become essential to us and these gadgets require batteries to power them. Aside from these electronic gadgets, other important things like cars, motorcycles, and alternative energy equipments also require the use of batteries to make them function properly.

When you think of the fact that most of these gadgets come with batteries that are not replaceable these days, and in the cases of a car or motorcycle, you’d likely spend a lot to get a replacement battery, then, it becomes important to look for an alternative way to prolong the life duration of your batteries, and that is what the Ez Battery Reconditioning Guide would provide.

What is the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide?

EZ Battery Reconditioning GuideEz Battery Reconditioning is a guide created in e-book format to help you in reconditioning your old batteries and making them work at their highest level of capacity yet again. It doesn’t matter the level at which your battery is currently, if you can follow the simple rules as laid down by the authors of this book, you would get the batteries of your car, lamps, motorcycle, phones, laptops, radios and other gadgets working at an optimal level once again. This book has provided for you in simple and clear terms on how to recondition up to 10 different types of batteries and making them work at full capacity again. In total, you would get an e-book of 21 different chapters that are dedicated to different aspects of battery reconditioning, including what to and what not to do. With the aid of this guide, you would be able to save a lot of money that you would have spent to purchase new batteries or a completely new gadget in some cases. The knowledge garnered from reading this e-book can also be monetized in the future, as you would be able to make money by helping other people around you without such knowledge to recondition their batteries and charge a fee for doing so. 

Who are the Authors of this E-book?

This e-book is written by two authors, and both of them have great knowledge of batteries and how they work. In fact, we are talking about knowledge that has spanned over decades and this makes them a good authority on the subject matter.

The two authors of the book are Frank Thompson, also known and fondly addressed as Frank the Battery Man, and Tom Ericson. Both of these guys are top class professionals with ample knowledge that have spanned over decades regarding battery, conditioning and reconditioning, business model, recycling and preservation and all you need to know about the topic of battery reconditioning. They have written this e-book in such a way that even a novice without prior knowledge of battery and how it works could get a hang of battery reconditioning within a short period of time and utilize the knowledge for personal and commercial uses.

How Does EZ Battery Reconditioning E-Book Work?

For the purpose of emphasis, you should know that this product is only available in e-book format, which means it can only be viewed through the use of a phone, laptop or any of the mobile devices you make use of. You may also want to know that this e-book is mobile friendly and would give you the perfect view you desire regardless of the kind of mobile device you are using in viewing it. Having said all of these, these are what you should know regarding how this e-book works.

A very impressive thing about this book is that it doesn’t just teach you how to recondition batteries, but it provides you with the full details on where to start from and the business model on how to make profits from the process in the end, and this is why it is regarded as one of the best battery reconditioning guides you can get in the current market. In summary, this is what the book does.

  • Introduces You to all You Need to Get the Job Done

The first part of this e-book introduces you to all you need to know and do to get the job done. It is a fact that you can’t get something as practical as battery conditioning done without some tools and instruments. In a bid to facilitate this, you would be introduced to all the instruments and tools you need to carry out a battery conditioning and how they are used.

  • Testing Old Batteries to Determine What Can be Reconditioned

The second stage is very important for clarity and understanding of how this e-book works. You should know that it is not all batteries that can be reconditioned, and this is why it is important to know this so as to avoid doubts. The batteries to be reconditioned must still be working (even if it’s at a very low capacity). A battery that has been completely damaged would never be revived no matter how much you try.

  • Putting You Through How to Perform the Reconditioning

The next part would be to put you through how reconditioning of battery works. Here, you will learn about what to do, how to do it, in order to revive an old battery and making it work at an optimal level again. This process is detailed, easy to comprehend and effective.

  • Teaching You on How to Set Up a Business Model

This part is as important as any other part you could think of, and it is why this book is such an effective tool. Skills on their own as not effective until you have found a way to monetize them, and this is what this part does. This section teaches you how to acquire batteries, and what to do in order to monetize your battery reconditioning skills.

Pros and Cons

This e-book is filled with a lot of advantages, which is why you shouldn’t think twice before getting one for your use. We would highlight some of the things you stand to gain by investing in the EZ Battery Reconditioning book below.


  1. You Get to Double the Life of Your Battery

This e-book means you would be able to extend the life cycle of your battery by twice the original. This is made possible by the reconditioning skills you learn by purchasing and reading it.

  1. You Get a Chance to Learn a New Skill

Reading the book means you will learn a new skill, i.e. how to recondition batteries.

  1. You Would be Able to Make Money from the Skill

This new skill you have just acquired can be easily monetized, as it is not a regular skill, and this means you would be making a lot of money in the process.

  1. It’s Compatible with All Devices

This e-book is compatible with all mobile devices, and this is one of the advantages it has over other e-books. Regardless of your mobile device, you would still get the perfect view.

  1. You Would Get a Refund if You Don’t Like What You Got

The authors have made available a refund policy for buyers who may not be satisfied with the e-book. While we are confident you would find this book very useful, it is still an advantage since you would be able to recoup your investment in case you don’t like it.

  1. Easy to Comprehend

This book is written in a way that makes it very easy to understand. This means you would have no problem understanding the contents and its application.


It is hard to pick out any disadvantages that might come with buying this e-book. The only one we could think of is the hazards that might come with working with batteries. As you may have known, batteries are made with some hazardous chemicals that might have a negative impact on your health in case of continued exposure while working on batteries. As such, you might want to limit the duration of your exposure to batteries while reconditioning them in the future.

Why You Should Purchase EZ Battery Reconditioning?

By now you should have more than enough reasons why you should consider investing in the EZ Battery Reconditioning E-book. For the purpose of emphasis, these are some of the reasons why you should purchase a copy of this e-book.

  1. You will get to save a lot of money that could have gone into purchasing a new battery.
  2. Learning a new skill can be properly monetized.
  3. You would be able to extend the life of your battery.
  4. The e-book is well explained and very easy to understand.

Right now, we can’t do anything without batteries, and most of these batteries cost a lot of money to replace, and there are others that can’t ever be replaced. Imagine what would happen if you are able to fix your batteries and extend their lifetime by twice its original duration. That’s interesting, right? That’s exactly what the EZ Battery Reconditioning E-book gives to you, and you should grab the chance, because, why not?

Cat Spraying No More Review – How To Stop a Cat From Spraying?

If your cat has been peeing all over your house for years or it just stop using its liter; this problem should be costing you a lot of money on cleaning equipment and supplies for cleaning your floors or carpets, on laundry, or changing furniture. Well, what if there is a proven solution that could help you end this trend, get your cat to become a happier pet, and improve your relationship with your furry friend? Well, the Cat Spraying No More Guide is the solution.

This page is gonna be a detailed review of the Cat Spraying No More Guide, So If you are looking for the Official website Click Here

Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name:- Cat Spraying No More

Product Auther:- Sarah Richards

Product Price:- $37.00

Official Website:- Click Here

Now as you still reading this, I think you really want to know the truth behind this guide, right?

Well, let’s first answer this question…

What is the Cat Spraying No More?

cat spraying no more bookCat Spraying No More is a complete guide containing effective techniques and tricks that will help eliminate the incessant and embarrassing smell of cat smell all over your home and save you the stress of constantly cleaning your cats pee even on days you could do without this problem and just want to rest after enduring the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Contained in this product- Cat Spraying No More, are techniques and steps that have helped a lot of cat owners achieve zero sprayings and is 100% guaranteed to improve your cats’ peeing habits and should also improve its overall well-being. If the customer reviews about this product are anything to go by, then, it is surely a great investment.

Who is Sarah Richards?

Sarah RichardsAfter many years of dealing with a cat that would pee at embarrassing areas of the house and wouldn’t use its liter despite trying out several tricks, Sarah Richards- a Veterinary Technician consulted with animal behavior experts and discovered some techniques and tricks that helped her effectively train her cat to complete stop spraying and use its liter every time.

So, to help out other cat owners having this problem and struggling to find a lasting solution that actually works, the author of the Cat Spraying No More product decided to compile the techniques that she had discovered to create a guide that will get the job done, assist them to save a lot of money, and deliver more than satisfactory results to other cat owners just like herself.

Also, given her many years working with animals/pets at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), she has drawn from her experience to better improve the technique contained in the book, so that the steps or methods are not only easy but are 100% friendly for cats so they are not only well trained but much happier.

How Exactly Does Cat Spraying No More Help?

This product is a proven system design to assist cat lovers to solve train their cats to use the liter. However, just like with any other investment, you should know how it works and what exactly you will be getting out of it.

This product offers detailed step by step techniques to solve cat spraying and as such it first provides insights on how you can understand exactly why your cat isn’t using its liter. This is important because one of the first steps to solving any problem is to first understand its root cause.

After identifying the cause, the book will guide you through the steps that should be taking to mitigate the cause and therefore begin the process of training your cat and stopping it from peeing throughout your home. In addition to this, the books provide tricks that will assist you to train your cat to hone its’ instincts that will get it to stop peeing outside the litter.

Another exciting feature of this product is that it contains some organic and healthy repellant mix recipes that will act to stop your cat from peeing throughout your home and instead use its litter.

Also, the book provides advice on how homeowners can improve their homes and set up the litter box properly so as to encourage their cats to use them and not pee in other areas of the house.

But the best part of Cat Spraying No More product and the main reason why more and more cat owners are investing in it is that it contains special tricks and techniques that work and makes the task of stopping your cat from urinating outside the litter easier.

What Else Is Contained in The Package (Bonuses)?

cat spraying no more bonusIn addition to the Cat Spraying No More book, the package contains a few other bonus products that make the deal even more attractive. These bonuses include;

  • A recipe book containing 101 healthy and delicious and easy to make recipes that your cat will love munching on and will have it feeling better and more active.
  • Would you love to trick your cat new tricks and teach eat to behave better? When you order this book, you will also be getting a special eBook titled The Cat Training Bible. This book gives cat owners a better understanding of feline behavior and even more exciting and as mentioned previously, provides tips to better train their cats.
  • The package also includes a special software program that will assist you to keep track and better record your cats’ medical records.
  • Also included, is a book titled The Cat Care Blueprint- A book that contains grooming tips, cat health-related tips, and offers other helpful insights that will surely make the task of taking care of your cat easier

Asides from these exciting add-ons, the Cat Spraying No More is covered by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for customers that haven’t found the book healthy and are unsatisfied. This unprecedented offer is almost too good to be true.

Below is a list of a few pros and cons of the Cat Spraying No More product after our assessment;


  • The product provides very helpful tricks and techniques that will help train cats to stop peeing all through the house
  • Should help cat owners save more on the cost of cleaning the house and get rid of the unpleasant smell of cat pee throughout the home
  • The package helps the cat owner better understand and care for their cats which should help improve trust between pet and owner
  • The book is well detailed and easy to understand
  • The bonuses included in the package makes for a sweeter deal
  • Who wouldn’t love a 100% money-back guarantee? This product offers that


  • Probably the only issue that we might have with this product is that it is only available in PDF format but of course this is really no major issue because there are a lot of free apps that will allow customers view all files in this format

Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are a cat owner and you are having problems with your cat peeing everywhere in your home then you already know that the problem could be very embarrassing because guests coming into your home will be greeted by the smell of cat pee as a result of constant spraying all over the house even in spots that are hard to find or even reach. Asides this you will have to constantly deal with the stress of cleaning your home regularly and giving out your spending a considerate amount of money washing or changing clothes, carpets, or sheets that have been ruined by your cat’s pee.

These, of course, are a few problems that you are likely grappling and why investing in the Cat Spraying No More product is a no brainer. Also, considering that this product comes in a package containing other helpful bonus contents that will better educate you on how to provide care for your cat, all for an affordable price of $37, investing in the Cat Spraying No more is a great idea. Not forgetting of course that the product has a great money-back guarantee.

In conclusion, we definitely recommend those cat owners having problems with their cats invest in this product.