Nick C Nelson Shares Practical Lawn Care Tips

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires specific steps, which can vary based on geographic location, according to pest control company owner, Nick C Nelson. There might be pests lurking under the grass that are causing unexpected problems. Instead of allowing neighbors to have the best-looking lawn on the block, check out these tips that will keep lawns looking top-notch.

Pests Can Cause Significant Damage to Lawns

Not all healthy lawns can be created by the simple act of fertilizing and watering the grass, or even planting the proper variety of seeds for your location. Fungus and disease can be rampant within even the most verdant lawn, making it vital to ensure a proper balance is achieved in your lawn care.

According to Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization president Nicholas C Nelson, “Your lawn care professional needs to have extensive knowledge of the insects and diseases that can harm your lawn. Using pesticides and fertilizers appropriately helps ensure you’re not causing damage to the environment.”

Holes in Lawn, Brown Patches Can Indicate Deeper Problems With Your Lawn

It often surprises homeowners to discover that brown patches and holes in the lawn don’t necessarily mean more water is needed. There are a range of problems that can occur in lawns that can cause serious damage if left untreated. There are visible signs of damage such as blades of grass that are missing pieces that quickly indicate specific insects are present. While homeowners may not notice these subtle clues that there are bigger problems, it can help to have a professional lawn care company evaluate the area.

Early Spring Is the Optimal Time for Pest Control

In late February and early March, pests have not yet had time to take hold of your lawn. This is often considered the ideal time to apply direct treatments to protect a lawn from the coming summer months. “Use of a dormant spray may counteract the pest population, suppressing an overgrowth of aphids, caterpillars or mites by eradicating eggs before they hatch”, states Nick C Nelson.

Creating a Biological Balance and a Healthy Lawn

Not all insects are equally bad, and an overabundance of chemicals can damage both a lawn — and the environment. Working with a pest control professional allows homeowners to identify which pests are truly problematic while allowing those that are beneficial to continue to thrive. This biological balance is best achieved through disease and pest suppression, using proactive methods that are environmentally friendly.

Avoid Over-Watering Grass

Adding too much water to a grassy space can be just as bad as too little hydration. Mold and other diseases can take hold when too much water is added without the balance of sunshine or during the rainier months of the year.

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