🐈Why Do Cats Pee on Bathroom Rugs?

Owning a cat as your pet can come with a lot of benefits and challenges. Many people like to keep cats in their homes for companionship’s sake or just basically because they look cute and are totally adorable. While a cat may be adorable and fun to keep in the house, it comes with a common challenge of peeing outside their litter box.

One commonplace a cat likes to take a leak in the bathroom rug. When this happens, it can get the owners of the cat annoyed especially because of the smell it leaves in the house. Kittens urinate outside their litter box for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons why a cat may urinate on the bathroom rug is because cats are naturally attracted to soft surfaces of which the bathroom rug is one. Another reason why a cat may urinate on the rug is due to medical conditions such as urinary tract infection or stress.

Cats are known to always keep to themselves even when they are in pain. Once you notice your cat pees anywhere outside the litter box, it may be an indication that all is not well and you should seek medical attention for him. A cat may urinate on the bathroom rug to map out its territory.

This case is common when there are other cats in the house or other cats come into the house often. It is not news that cats are territorial animals and so they always want to map out their territories.

Cats can choose to urinate in the bathroom rug because they are attracted to the rug; cats like comfortable surfaces and if they find that comfortable in your bathroom rug, they’ll be glad to utilize it. Cats can very sensitive animals that they even perceive things when they are asleep, once they perceive an attractive smell from the rug, they make that place theirs.

Apart from the soft surface of the rug being an attraction to a cat, there’s this scent from rugs that have rubber nonslip backing. Another very profound reason why your cat is urinating on your bathroom rug is that it may be new, cats like to leave their signature on every new household items you purchase, this is their own way of claiming the territory.

Effects of cats pee in your home

Once a cat starts urinating on the rug, it will gradually become it’s a habit because the smell of their urine attracts them, and slowly that place becomes theirs to utilize whenever they have to take a leak. Having a cat that urinates on the rug can be a thing of concern especially because of its unpleasant odor, it can also be difficult to manage the smell of urine in the house.

Visitors may feel nauseous after perceiving the smell of cats’ urine. Generally, the air in that house becomes polluted as one can no longer perceive fresh air, especially if the cat has been urinating for quite a while. We know how delicate our bathrooms are and having an unpleasant smell can deter you from staying in the bathroom for your business.

It can really have an effect on people who like to take long baths. Bathrooms can really come in handy when one wants to vent and if the bathroom doesn’t smell nice because of a kitten’s urine, it can be disturbing to do your thinking in the bathroom.


Knowing the possible reasons why your cat has chosen your bathroom rug to pee, the next cause of worry might be how to get your cat to return to its litter box especially if you’re drained from washing your rug over and over again.

The best solution to stop your cat from urinating in your bathroom rug is the cat spraying no more guide. This contains various techniques you can use to encourage your cat to stop peeing on your rug. This guide contains detailed explanations and techniques to ways you can stop your cat from spraying all over permanently.

The cat spraying no more guide contains permanent solutions to your cat spraying problems and you can save up afterward because you won’t have to spend excessively on changing your rugs, washing regularly, and buying products that cannot effectively stop your cat from peeing on your rug.

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