🐈Why is My Cat Suddenly Peeing on My Clothes?

I definitely can’t be the only one that has experienced their cat/s peeing on their clothes, it can be super annoying and what is baffling is how the cat switched from being a good pet that uses its litter boxes to peeing on my clothes.

When I was young, I always wanted a cat, no two cats but I could not get them because my parents are not big on having pets and I could not afford the cats. The love I have for cats did not die; it burned more and more as I grew older. When I was able to get my apartment and I had a fat account balance, I got cats before I got kitchen utensils because it felt like this was my only chance to get cats and I did not want to pass on it. I named my cats Rocker and Street, unfortunately, Rocker died and I had to deal with the loss for months before I got over it. Street became my closest friend; I loved Street so much he was so sweet, gave me the best company, and uses his litter boxes when he wants to pee.

I have a habit of leaving my clothes in the laundry basket then I go out to do some essential things and then do laundry in the evening. On a Saturday morning, I did the usual left my clothes in the laundry basket and when I was about to do laundry but I was put off by this terrible smell coming from my laundry basket, I checked and found out that Street peed on my clothes and for the first time I was mad at Street and at the same time I was confused. Street isn’t like this, he uses his litter boxes and never pees anywhere else, how did he switch?

Still confused, I went to the veterinary doctor for Street’s regular check-up and decided to ask the doctor “why did Street pee on my clothes? He never does that” as the peeing in places other than his litter boxes got worse.


The vet doctor told me that when a cat especially a male cat pees everywhere it is usually when this cat is at a sexual maturity stage. Usually, this happens when the cat is about 6 months considering he is not a late bloomer (late bloomers can reach this stage in like a year). Peeing everywhere is termed “spraying” and it is a mating behavior that a male cat exhibits to mark his territory. This is a mating ritual for your cat but it does not understand how this is of great inconvenience to you.  Asides this mating ritual, another reason your cat peed on your clothes can be because of fear, anxiety, or stress.

The doctor explained further that Street peeing on my clothes can be as a result of a medical condition. The usual suspect that can cause a cat to pee everywhere is urinary tract infection. When a cat has this infection, peeing becomes painful and when they pee in their litter box and they experience this pain, it just assumes that the litter box is the problem and then it decides to pee somewhere else.


I decided to neuter my cat and for a while, I thought that was the solution to this problem until weeks after that I found my clothes soaked again. This time I had to turn to the internet and on one of the cat forums I checked, I found an e-book that was recommended to cat owners with the same problem, this e-book is called Cat Spraying No More.

Cat Spraying No More is an e-book written by Sarah Richards. Sarah Richards is a veterinary doctor who revealed in this e-book ways to stop your cat from spraying. This book came in handy as I was already getting frustrated and the love I had for cats was starting to wear off.

This book helped stop my cat from peeing outside the litter box, Street became the cat I knew before this problem and I had one less problem.

Check out this honest review about Cat Spraying No More to be convinced this is the right book to help solve the cat peeing problem.

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