🐈Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing Outside the Litter Box?

Cats are charming creatures. And all over the world, they make remarkable pets and make their owners happy. Yet, as lovely as your Cat could be, it could prove to be a source of frustration if it pees outside its litter box. Having to clean your carpets, scrub the floors, or clean the furniture, or spray the room, to get rid of the offensive smell of your Cat’s pee, can be stressful. It could even be quite embarrassing- when you come home with a guest, only to be meet with the odor of your cat’s pee renting the air.

However, Cats don’t just pee around, especially when they have been peeing in their litter box before. So, what could be the cause, if your Cat suddenly starts peeing outside its litter box?

Health Issues

A Cat that suddenly stops using its litter box could be suffering from one ailment or the other. A cat suffering from a urinary tract disease or some kidney disease might develop this behavior. It may also be suffering from specific health issues that might have made its environment uncomfortable for it. An excellent example of such illness is arthritis; it could prevent it from properly using the litter box.

Sharing Litter Box With Other Pets

Some Cats don’t feel comfortable using the same litter box as others; it makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, there might be a case of a bully among the pets, denying the cat access to the litter box.

Dirty Litter Box

Cats can be very intolerant of dirtiness. If the litter box is not clean enough, it could make the Cat seek somewhere else to ease itself.

When The Litter Box Is Difficult To Reach

When your Cat finds it hard to access its litter box, it is bound to relieve itself elsewhere- your carpet, or your sofa, or some other furniture. Just imagine if you are unable to use the toilet when you feel the urge; Cats can feel the same!

Marking Its Territory

You must have heard of some animals that exhibit the behavior of marking their territories with their urine; well, Cats do the same. And since your house is technically its territory, peeing around the house could be its way of mapping out its domain.


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