Above and Beyond in Service – My Review of Macropay

Bootstrapping a business based on passion is simultaneously the easiest and hardest decision I have ever made.

Indeed, there are inherent challenges in starting a venture from scratch, which is infinitely made more intimidating by the looming issue of finances and the risks of losing everything in one fell swoop. But the financial risks and limitations pale compared to the passion around which the project blossomed. That is what I meant by my bootstrapping decision being easy.

About three and a half years ago, I finally transformed my hobby into my business. It was fulfilling to know that I was doing exactly what I wanted. And it was even more gratifying to see other people paying for my crafts eventually.

Most of the beginning processes required a lot of research, asking around, getting the feel of the daily hard work. Soon enough, the grind started getting more demanding. However, although daunting, personal exhaustion rarely extinguishes the passion. It never once crossed my mind that being tired was enough for me to stop.

If there’s one thing that somehow cracked my resolve, it is the lack of support from the people around me. It was utterly disheartening to have people express disbelief at the first signs of my victory or the thought of my business ever failing.

I generally powered through these moments by surrounding myself with the people who genuinely believe in my passion. And as predicted by many wise elders before us, it truly paved the way for more success – even during the pandemic. But it only works with the right partners.

Silver lining: COVID’s nudge towards digital

As COVID transformed and even ravaged some businesses, the digital transformation it necessitated proved to be a fertile ground for my startup. It was high time I upped my business ante anyway.

I began looking into shipping my crafts in more places. And since I would be selling to sites with different currencies, I had to give them the convenience of having an easy checkout for my products. So, naturally, I went for the popular alternative payment methods. I onboarded several APMs to cover more ground.

The wrong partners can lengthen the process

However, the setup process was quite challenging, even more so when the same process had to be repeated several times for different APMs. Furthermore, at the time, I was unaware of robust gateways such as Macropay. So I just pulled up my sleeves and worked with no less than ten individuals over a gruelling amount of time.

Not only was their integration and onboarding process extremely complicated, asking for support almost felt like a sin. I am admittedly not too knowledgeable about tech stuff, but I do not see this as a reason to look down on anyone – much less if that someone humbly comes from a place of utter confusion.

Needless to say, that was my experience with the first APMs I chose. Unfortunately, the setup took longer than necessary and more tiring than I could care for, but we still finished the task, and now it was time to get down to business.

Well, getting down to business wasn’t as smooth either. Now and again, a client would have questions or disputes, which I had no power to answer, so I naturally would have to go through the customer success representative. And to cut the long minutes of condescension short: it rarely ends well. Who would’ve thought that the lack of support I experienced during the beginning would resurface and rear its uglier enterprise-level head once more?

The right one will accelerate growth

This is why I began looking for another solution. One that simplifies the whole process and lessens the friction with every transaction. A gateway that shortens the onboarding by taking care of everything at once. The suggestion I have seen in multiple reviews: Macropay.

Macropay was there from day one

When I decided to give them a call, I immediately knew they were the perfect fit. I explained my situation, and the support representative was nothing but empathic and understanding of my case. They even suggested some tricks to help me get back on my feet with more confidence about my business. Although there was quite a waiting line for my request because of their popularity, the wait was definitely worth every single second of it. In retrospect, the moment they picked up the call should’ve been a signal enough – it says that they are here and ready to actually help.

Macropay is fast and effective

A little bit of humanity in any task goes a long way. Because of their demeanour and genuine desire to help businesses succeed, the back-and-forth between them is often smooth and ends with an issue resolved. At least, this was the case for me.

Macropay’s services are phenomenal

On the other hand, the services they offer are impeccable. Imagine accepting payments the same day your integration is finalised!

Their gateway has accelerated my growth a lot. Just looking at the reviews won’t do their fintech wonders any justice. One must experience the ease of One Integration, One Contract, and One Dashboard to experience outstanding sales and overall customer experience.

Macropay’s services are continuous

Through their customer support experts, Macropay ensures business success for the whole lifespan of the integration. For businesses like mine that are just starting out, they really helped me navigate the difficulties of client payments. They even advised regarding the legalities, who to talk to, which forms to accomplish, what laws I need to watch out for, etc!

So whether you are at the beginning of your business like me or you are already in the advanced stages with more clients, Macropay’s expert team of professionals are very helpful.

If you are thinking about bringing your business to more markets or improving your startup in general, you should get in touch with them. This is their email: support@macropay.net and website: www.macropay.net

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