Combat Fighter Review – Hard Facts Revealed

Knowing that youre safe at all times is one of the best assurances an individual can have. This can be the ability to walk the streets at any time in the night or have fun in rowdy places without fear. Of course, this is the dream for most people but it may seem almost impossible. Thats what the Combat Fighter System seeks to change.

Let’s start with the basic info…

Product Name:- Combat Fighter

Product Creator:- John Black

Official Website:- Click Here

Now as you still reading this, I think you really want to know the truth behind this system, right?

Well, let’s first answer this question…

What is The Combat Fighter System?

combat fighter review

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Combat Fighter is a power-pack of videos and manuals that teach you essential techniques needed to defend yourself. It is a guide that gives you everything you need to stay protected without breaking the bank. In fact, many people would describe it as the antidote to crime.

However, Combat Fighter isnt like most ordinary manuals that make vague promises to its users. It pulls on the experience of an exceptional military veteran to offer the best. This system gets rid of all non-vital protection techniques to offer users the best deal on their money and most importantly, time.

You should have this at the back of your mind; John Black is someone who has seen it all when it comes to the ills of insecurity. If there was someone to ask the questions when it comes to staying safe, he would be the one. And his answer? The Combat Fighter.

Who is John Black?

John Black is an exceptional military man with decades of experience underneath his belt. Although you would refer to him as the tough guy, he wasnt always like that. Early on, he was an average person like most people until he discovered he needed to toughen up to keep himself and his loved ones safe.

John had his first experience with real violence in 1994. In most cases of assault and robbery, it was unprecedented for the victim which was him. He was in a home with his girlfriend when her ex-partner arrived in a bloody rage.

To say John was terrified would be an understatement. However, the fact that he was completely helpless was much worse. Fortunately, the intervention of police officers saved him, but he couldnt get over his shameful vulnerability.

John went on to train to defend himself over the following years. He even joined the army. However, John soon discovered that what was truly needed for his protection was often left out. This was what led him to the discovery of the Combat Fighter. Now, he has created an excellent pack that teaches people the most essential techniques needed to keep them safe.

How Does Combat Fighter System Work?

The Combat Fighter provides buyers with essential skills needed to keep them safe at all times through its video packs. It was created based on Johns vast experience in dealing with different violent/unsafe conditions. This allows it to filter out unimportant or time-wasting techniques or training that come with most training packs. Let us just say it makes you better equipped to defend yourself with less rigor of training.

Now, it is understandable that Combat Fighter may be discredited for its less for more approach. However, it is actually very effective. This pack mainly includes video lessons that offer scientifically proven techniques on defense. Of course, you would have to train and practice consistently to get the best.

So, how exactly do you use Combat Fighter?

As detailed earlier, Combat Fighter comes in a power-pack of video instructions. The video instructions contain scenes of violent real-life encounters, and how to deal with them. They can be practiced within the home, gym and all other locations of preference.

To further get the best out of Combat Fighter, you may even get a partner to practice with. Finally, one thing is certain. That is; John Black will equip you with all you need to protect yourself.

Combat Fighter Bonus Packages

Combat fighter bonus

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Although the Combat Fighter is an excellent deal itself, there are some extra benefits that come with its purchase. All thanks to John Black. Those bonus packages which John describes as special presents are:

  • The Advanced Situational Awareness Manual

First on the list is the Advanced Situational Awareness Manual. The manual is one that pulls on Johns military experience to give offer buyers a skill youd find only among uniformed men. It teaches buyers how to monitor and evaluate their surroundings. Why? They get to be able to predict conflict before it actually begins by knowing the signs. Now, how cool is that?

  • The Alpha Survival Manual

With the Alpha Survival Manual, John can literally be regarded as Santa. The generous manual is the second to come with the Combat Fighter Pack. Better? It teaches techniques needed for survival in uncontrollable situations such as terrorist attacks. Be it your survival stock or get-away plans in the case of an attack, this manual has got it.

  • Membership to Alpha-Nation Coaching Community

This is the last special present on the list. Thanks to John once again, Combat Fighter doesnt only offer you a power-pack on techniques for survival. It also gives you access to a community of others like you. Amazingly, the Combat Fighter package comes with a free 30-day membership with its online community. There, you get to catch-up with like-minded people, learn techniques better and so on.

Also, Combat Fighter offers some of the best fighting techniques which are:

The Center Line Strike:

This is a defensive technique that helps take out opposition to allow for a quick retreat.

Blitz Blast:

A rapid attack technique in the face of danger.

The Force Hijack:

A technique that counters the enemy attack with its own force.

The Surgical Strike:

A technique that helps rid the enemy of its advantage by causing neurological disruption

One and Done:

A technique that ensures a simple and easy win in a fight

The Tipping Point Principle:

Here, fighters are taught the perfect moments to change fighting techniques when in an encounter. That is; the right time to go from offensive to defensive and vice versa.

The Third Eye:

A technique that makes a fighter instantly aware of the oppositions weakness and ways to capitalize on that.

Other minor bonuses include; savings due to discount on purchase and time-saving framework to mention a few.


  • The Combat Fighter is highly affordable
  • The package offers access to exclusive self-protection techniques
  • Techniques can be easily learned through real-life depictions
  • The lessons taught are highly reliable
  • The techniques can be learned within a short period


  • Combat Fighter is only available in digital format (no hard copy)
  • Video quality is not in HD
  • Techniques need consistent training and practice to be fully mastered

Why You Should Purchase Combat Fighter System?

combat fighter system
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Without a doubt, there are lots of training available on the Internet when it comes to self-protection. However, most of them do not entail the wealth of experience which John Black offers with the Combat Fighter. The framework of the package shows that it is as a result of the knowledge of the best of the best. And thats something you cant get just anywhere.

Also, Combat Fighter comes at a highly affordable price compared to other alternatives. This is particularly surprising as it also comes with special presents, which double up on the value of the offer. The truth remains that if all sellers were as generous as John Black, wed probably have no lacking person in the world.

Another reason why Combat Fighter is an excellent choice is the ease-of-use it provides. Many people consider self-protection techniques as rigorous. However, the techniques are as easy as it gets when it comes to learning with Combat Fighter. You can decide to stay off the gym and practice at home throughout. Still, youd be as good and maybe better than someone who goes to the ring every day.

Lastly, Combat Fighter has a secret ingredient that other alternatives do not have. Whats that? An approach that helps you become the best with the least stress. This is why it was mentioned earlier that Combat Fighter only teaches the essential techniques. Now, you may be wondering what makes this so special. Well, often people spend years learning skills which they will never use and lose valuable time. With Combat Fighter, this is impossible as only the vitals in self-protection are taught. In fact, you can become a professional in self-defense with only a few hours of learning from Combat Fighter.


Apart from the fact that John Black seems like an amazing guy, Combat Fighter is a very good bet for buyers money. The benefits provided by Combat Fighter greatly outweigh the cons. In fact, the positives can be said to have kicked the negatives off the table.

We mean, whats better than having access to military-grade experience, and still paying so little. Trust us, it doesnt get greater than this!

On a final note, Combat Fighter comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If youre displeased with the package or your expectations are not met, a full refund will be made. So, dont let this opportunity pass. We know you wouldnt.

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