How Do You Install an Electric Fireplace in an Existing Fireplace?

Who in this day and age still has a wooden fireplace in their home rather than an electric one? Electric fireplaces excel far beyond their wooden counterparts and even surpass many contemporary space heaters. They offer sufficient heating throughout the room while creating the wonderful atmosphere of a genuine fire. Electric fireplaces save time and significantly reduce the risk of fire accidents or burns.

If you are worrying about your electricity bills rising, then rest assured knowing that electric fireplaces will cost less money than the cost to operate a wood fireplace. You can easily verify this by using a bill tracker to keep up with your monthly expenses. Also, they are eco-friendly and produce no smoke or soot. As a result, clean heat is radiated from the heater. This list of leading electric fireplaces on the market will guide you to the most advanced and top-class heaters for your house. Moreover, electric fireplaces are eco-friendly, producing absolutely no smoke, soot, or residue. In other words, clean heat is radiated from the heater. This list of leading electric fireplaces on the market will briefly outline some of the most advanced electric fireplaces available for your home.


The entire installation process of an electric fireplace heater onto your previously existing fireplace is a quite hassle-free job than you might think.

  1. Read the instruction catalog thoroughly that is provided by the manufacturer. Every electric fireplace is distinctive from the other and the manufacturers imply different installation settings. That is why it is essential to learn about what is instructed in the manual.
  2. Set a hindrance in your chimney to block drafts. If you are going to permanently set your electric fireplace then you need to connect fiber-free insulation encompassing the lining of your firebox.
  3. Then complete the cleaning procedure. Exclude the screen from your fireplace and wash the entire area eliminating all sorts of ashes and soot.
  4. Now you have to ensure that the electric requirements of your electric fireplace match with your provided power supply. To do so, visit any nearby outlet.
  5. Apparently, the electric fireplace will lack a circuit. Also, an extension cord may be necessary for the insert. Check the manual before you install one.
  6. Electric fireplaces usually arrive with a glass front. While you operate with the glass front, slide it into place, and adjust it by following the instructions provided in the manual.
  7. Settle the electric fireplace inside the fireplace gateway. To adjust the entire setting appropriately onto the opening, it needs to be turned about a few times. You have to ensure that the electric fireplace is resting at the equilibrium position on the fireplace base and standing upright.
  8. After you have installed the extension cord for your fireplace, make a route across the heater to plug it comfortably into the most proximate socket. Do not place the cord in any way that may cause trouble while walking around.


And your job is complete!




These were the basic steps that you need to follow before installing your electric fireplace. Obviously, to customize the entire mechanism of your heater and also other different brands compose products that require different installation processes. But these steps will assist you in every place of installation. If you want to look for electric fireplaces for your house, then check at Emi Nick Review.

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