What is WikiArt.org?

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The timeless elegance associated with visual arts and painting doesn’t fade away even with the changing times. Given the myriad art movements and painting styles that have evolved across the pages of history, a fundamental level of art education often simplifies the process of selecting the best pieces that will amplify the aesthetics of the walls.

Understandably, every individual would have a different idea of what is beauty as per their personal definitions. In such cases, overwhelming confusion due to the vast variety available online or on other platforms can negatively influence the choices.

In order to overcome such challenges, the online portal https://www.wikiart.org/ serves as a one-stop destination that aims at providing holistic knowledge about everything that is art-related.


About the website

WikiArt.org is the online home for visual arts from all across the world. Basically, it is a web gallery of art wherein one can find the A-Z about different paintings and their respective painters. There are organized and easily accessible sections in which one can browse for information related to specific art movements and the notable painters of those times.

As of January 2020, the website displays impressive numbers, providing able guidance about almost 3200 artists attributed to over 171 movements and a massive 170000 pieces of art varying across 190 styles and 60 genres.

Sections in the website

An interesting feature of the website is how organized it is in terms of catering to the particular needs of every individual with utmost accuracy and in less time through its meticulously drafted sections.

For instance, if someone is looking for a particular artist, say for example Michelangelo or Da Vinci, all they have to do is look for them based on their contribution to any art movement. Alternatively, they can also refer to the school of art they belonged to, the genre of paintings they were famous for, their nationalities or even their century of prominence.

Essentially, what this website does is that even if an individual has a rough idea regarding the artist or the artwork they have in mind, any keyword related to it would suffice to draw complete knowledge regarding the same.

Coming to the sectioning of the artworks, they are further divided on the basis of their style, genre, and media. Again, for instance, someone is looking for minute details and lesser-known facts regarding the perennially charming Mona Lisa, they can refer to this website to obtain complete information regarding the same.

Financial Status

Quite naturally, a certain level of curiosity would tend to persist regarding the money involved in the maintenance and the functioning of such websites.

This is a completely non-profit project whose primary focus is to spread global art education. The expenses are met through advertising while the content on the website is curated and launched by a dedicated Volunteer Team which consists of like-minded individuals who share a mutual passion towards art. In fact, if anyone thinks that they fit the bill, they can join in! For more details regarding the same, make sure to check out the How to Contribute tab.

Copyright Policy

Both public domain and copyright protected artworks can be found on the website. Additionally, the website functions in accordance with the fair use principle with regard to the copyright-protected artworks. These artworks can be used for varied purposes such as historically significant artwork, informational and educational purposes, etc.

Furthermore, the website actively discourages any issues pertaining to copyright violation. Hence, there are no ethical compromises while showcasing and promoting artistic ideas.

Collaborative opportunities

The website functions on the collaborative principle of free addition and editing of the content. Anyone who is interested to contribute to the up-gradation of the web gallery of art can contribute towards the cause. The quality and reliability of information are ensured by consistent moderation of all updates by a dedicated team of art curators.


Keeping in line with this cause, WikiArt further provides the perfect encouraging platform for all its users to join the Volunteer Team and collaborate towards building a great independent space for art.

Art Shop

Not only does this website serve the purpose of an art encyclopedia, but it also caters to the needs of connoisseurs who cannot wait to add some amazing paintings to their valuable collections. WikiArts has a dedicated section, 1st Art Gallery, which has authentic reproductions of some evergreen masterpieces, adding which to their list of collectibles would be a matter of great pride for any art enthusiast.

On a concluding note, websites such as WikiArt.org truly lie up to their reputation of being the go-to online portal for active members of the art community who are constantly seeking for a devoted haven wherein all their questions are appropriately answered and their artistic needs are sufficiently and satisfactorily met.

Furthermore, it promotes a channel of two-way contribution wherein anyone and everyone who is even mildly interested in art can give in their valuable inputs, thus establishing and strengthening the community as a whole.