🐈How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying? No More Cat Spraying

Having a pet in your home is cool but when it comes to keeping the home tidy it becomes a big challenge, especially when the pet is a cat. Imagine coming home after a tiring day and discover your home smells of cat urine, it has to be the most annoying feeling. The first thing that comes to your mind is to punish your cat, but stop for a minute and ask yourself if punishing that cat will stop it from spraying urine all over your home. If you decide to discipline your cat, it won’t stop it from spraying, it will rather instill fear in it and make the cat spray more. Note that it is natural for cats to spray but this is mostly done outside, hence, if your cat brings it indoor you should know something is wrong.

What is cat spraying?

Cat spraying is more like your cat is marking its territory using its urine. Normally a cat is supposed to squat and urinate but when it begins to stand with one leg up then it has started spraying and this is mostly done on vertical surfaces and it has a very strong disgusting smell. However, if you have noticed this behavior in your cat, then it is time to launch a “cat spraying no more” attack using the simple steps mentioned below;

Don’t discipline your cat

As humans, when your cat misbehaves the first thing that comes to your mind is to punish it. Most especially when you are still trying to deal with it scratching every surface and shedding its hair, adding spraying to it is a big challenge. But discipline doesn’t stop your cat from spraying, it only aggravates what caused it from spraying at first and make it spray more often. Anxiety, stress, or if your cat feels threatened can make it start spraying in the house, hence, it is your duty to find out what the problem is and deal with it appropriately.

Identify the cat’s reason for spraying

Before your cat starts spraying, something must have triggered it, so it is essential to find out the reason for spraying. There are so many things that make your cat feel threatened and begin to spray indoor. It could be your cat is feeling intimidated by other pets that wander into your garden, or you probably made changes to your environment, and knowing how sensitive cats are, they will feel scared, withdraw and start spraying as a way of marking their territory. If you brought in a new pet, try to introduce your cat to it so your cat doesn’t feel insecure and begin to spray, and lastly, it might be a medical condition. So if you’ve tried other reasons and it’s not working, take your cat to a vegetarian because infection or illness also causes your cat to spray indiscriminately.

Clean the affected areas

Once your cat has started spraying, it will always go back to that spot to spray its urine. For you to achieve your “cat spraying no more” challenge, then you need to clean and remove every scent of it’s urine from your home. Once you’ve dealt with the cause of it’s spraying, getting rid of the scent should be your next action. This might be a bigger challenge because cats are very sensitive and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of the smell, your cat might still perceive it and find it’s way back. Therefore, you should try using a neutralizer when cleaning so it neutralizes the smell and prevents your cat from locating the spraying spot. You can as well play with your cat more often on that spot and make them comfortable this way, their spraying habit will be curtailed and stopped eventually.

Cat training programs

Ever been in a situation whereby you get so confused about what’s bothering your cat and why it is acting up? You are not in this alone, when your cat starts spraying urine and you have tried to find out why it is spraying, without getting anywhere, a training program is sure to help you. Join a cat training program and get enlightened on ways to deal with your cat’s spraying habit and put an end to it. Cat training programs such as Cat Spraying No More are very effective and it helps you find solutions to so many awkward behaviors your cat might put up that leave you confused, and the spraying habit isn’t left out.

Finding out why your cat has cultivated the habit of spraying in your home can be quite a challenge, but as soon as you are able to figure it out, then you are one step closer to stopping your cat from spraying. You don’t need to be resentful although the bad odor can be frustrating, it is only for a while. Pay more attention to your cat and use the above steps to find out why your cat is spraying and put an end to it. Cats are loveable creatures and if they exhibit any negative character, it must have been triggered by something. Find out what triggered the spraying of urine by your cat, find a solution to it, and put an end to it permanently.

2 thoughts on “🐈How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying? No More Cat Spraying”

  1. Hi, my male desexed cat started spraying inside about 5 or 6 years ago. I have tried Felaway, cat calming tablets and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately I have no sense of smell, so I only catch it if I walk on it and feel it’s wet. If it’s up against a wall which most of the time I might miss, and then spend ages cleaning it with vinegar and baking soda, which I’ve been told is the best thing to use. I have spent a lot of money trying to fix this but nothing works, I’ve even bought 2 different electric carpet shampooers which are great to clean the carpet with, but he still sprays, and he seems to change spots depending on his mood. How do I know that your method will work, and not be like all the other products I’ve and failed with?

    • Hello Sue, my readers are liking this product so far and the review has been great. Also it is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to loose, so far folks are liking it else this product will be out of business by now. I give it 5 stars out of 5 stars.


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